• Dear Thiru ..

    You said it !!

    this the reason why I posted this link and rightly focussed.. !!

    And am sure respected Gandhi Sir also will enlighten us..

    We have been reading a lot from the Bakthi Literature -


    Atom within an atom and
    farther away from farther
    (or space away from space .. )..

    These words (EXPRESSIONS to be appropriate) were considered more used as " Poetic liberty.. "

    Atom within Atom ???

    Space beyond space ??

    Dr. Nagaswamy in his Book "Brahadeswara Temple " clearly explained

    Means such explanations were known to our Azhwars and Naayanmars and that is why they hymned SO MEANIGULLY


    And WE BELIEVE when these are FE-FOUND and TOLD TO US !!


  • thank you sir,cyclical universe concept is just discovered but it is thought about well 2500 years ago in hinduism

    i have hesitation to say hindu philosophers had a clear idea about the ontos(being) and cosmos( universe). whether it is buddhist, jain vaishnavite, advaitha, dvaitha or siavasiddhantha, the concept of universe has been a very important issue discussed.

    the cyclical universe theory has been well speculated in hindu cosmology. the universe is periodically destroyed by siva (sangaaram). fresh universe is periodically created. the process of cycling is done in order to clean the universe.

    the theory of ontos is discussed in detail in "thugalaru botham".the justice is given to each ontos(being) from their deeds and their malam( cognitive,psychomotor and affective) are cleansed.

    the steps in creation of a new universe are neatly described in saivasiddhantham and the steps in destroying an old one also.

    hindu doctrines were not just speculative, it led to a systematic study of physical universe. early astronomers knew that world is sperical and the it is the earth which rotates around the sun.

    the value of pye(22/7) was estimated and the clear circumference of the earth were made which is comparable to modern calculation.

    the theory of cosmos led to astronomy and theories of ontos led to hindu existentialism and phenomenology. hindu phenomenology has antedated the western phenomenology by 2000 years. jainism has abundance of psychology. the object relation theories of modern psychology were discovered by buddha 2500 years ago.

    hindu idealism inspired IMMANUEL KANT and HEIDDEGGER. their interpretations and writings led to German idealism. German idealism was forerunner to both karl marx and sigmund freud. freud was well aware about the hindu phenomenology and ego psychology.

  • Hello Sir,
    In* Hindu Cosmology, It is found that they evolved their
    cosmic theories based upon the Fixed and the Integrated form of the 27
    Nakshatras groups which forms the Geo-centered Oneness Universe and have
    derived their cyclic Calendar system in which the planets have their
    movements with reference to the Fixed and integrated Nakshatras covered
    Cosmos. For more details kindly log on www.swamycosmology.wordpress.com*
    *With regards,*
  • Sir,

    I think you are going by the page title of the link. The article does not
    deal with the adimudi kana puranam...it deals with much more concepts...the
    nataraja concept, the time period of universe etc. I dont find any problem
    with the link. It works fine.

    you may visit www.tamilhindu.com and go to the authors section and choose
    jayashree saranathan and you can find this link.

    Please read and share your thoughts.
  • thank you very much Sir.

    warm regards / sps

  • just a little semantic point:
    earth 'rotates' on its axis and 'revolves' around the sun.
  • Dear friends

    Please find as attached doc a chapter written by me after verifying many books.

    I mentioned about all planets and its activities on Earth.

    Please post your comments

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