• Dear Friends,

    Our dear Venkat - who has written & published Kalki biography and Sequal to PS - Kaviri Myndhan - has invited a small group friends including me - Sathisarun - Muruganandam for breakfast at his home this morning.

    Katherine also joined us.

    As usual the special breakfast - with the Sweet made of Andaman/Burma special Violet Rice, Kuzhipaniyaram, Mallippoo Idlis, pongal and dosas was superb..

    (Anna) Lakshmi w/o Venkat is known for Chettinad Hospitalities and special affection to PS group..

    Venkat in his usual style described several interesting details to all of us ::

    .. like fmr Prez Abdul Kalam assembled his units on Camel back before Pokran testing in the Deserts of Rajastan !

    .. how a single day event of Advocates having worn black attaire became regular Dress after the demise of King Henry !!

    .. How handshake - to declare NO ARMS CARRYED - became a friendly Custom to establish friendship !

    .. how an Elephant can come around the Punsei Lingam (which katherine visited last week)..

    ... and Sambandar hymned the same as a child - sitting from the shoulders of his father..

    .. and the special contributions of our respected member Swetha..

    And Katherine explained to us re her Father being instrumental in atomic research etc., etc.

    Venkat's son AKSHAY who played for us " Alaikadalum Oyndhirukka.. " Poonguahzli's song in August 2009 meet - shared his expertise in playing the Keyboard - designs of probable Memorial for Elvis ,, and his award winning Archictural designs !!

    Vijay joined us from Singapore over phone..

    It is time we plan a get-together in the 3rd / 4th week of December -taking advantage of Vijay and Venkat's talents.

    We will request ..

    Prof Swaminathan to share his Sitthannavasal works.

    Kalinga Balu to share his works re Submerged Continenet beyond the Southern tip of TN..

    Vijay... re Poetry in Stone.. and how it was well received among the children of Singapore Schools..

    and Venkat - Akshay - Muruganandam Team.. re their latest works..

    will announce dates after checking with them soon.

    Will try to include (Anna) Lakshmi and Vairam's mother too in this get-together.. which is overdue.


  • Double loss for us. We miss both chettinad specials and venkat's
    incisive, witty and informative posts. I wish he will wind up his
    sabbatical and resume PS activity.
  • Thanks SPS for summarising.

    After a while, I had the fortune of joining this special occasion at
    Venkat's house with SPS, Muruganantham and our special guest Kathie. I was
    thinking of joining Chandra and Kathie on the Saturday trip aroun Kanchi
    and/or atleast meet the group at Thakkar Bapa...but due to personal
    constraints could not. So when Venkat called and invited for this breakfast
    meet, I immediately said ok.

    Morning was very much reluctant to drive 15Km to Venkats house in this heavy
    rain...but braved the rain...when Kathie has come so long to India, why cant
    I just drive 15Km...horrible roads....and I sailed in my car (ya...didnt
    drive...literally sailed :) )...and it was worth all the trouble.

    Wonderful feast for ears and the tummy :) Kathie's background was
    astounding. She shared her exp..that as a child she never knew what her
    father was doing...where as the atom bomb was being prepared in the
    vicinity.It is unfortunate that she could not make to all the places she
    planned, as the rains have played a havoc..she said she could cover only 6
    out of 13 places she planned.

    Wonderful meeting and time well spent. Muruganandam was lucky to have an
    holiday declared for his office, where as I again sailed 20KM back to office

    Thanks to Venkat and spl thanks to his wife Lakshmi for the wonderful
  • A Good opportunity - but missed due to late bus and rain :-(
  • dear members:
    Greetings. I will take my family to jeyankondacholapuram on 23rd or 24th..I
    want to go round important places connected with Udayar peria thevar Raja
    Raja Chola..can i request the company of any one in our group during any day
    from 25th to 29th december..we can also pay a visit to Dr.Kudavayil
    subramaniyam in Thanjavur..whom i met last month..also if any one is
    interested to visit gangaikondacholapuram, Udayarkudi
    (kkmannarkudi)..kadambur, kollidam, chidambaram, i am willing to give
    company..i have just begun to read chola history and so i am not capable of
    giving detailed information like many of our PS members...
    R.Jayaraman Ph.D
    Professor and Head
    Dept. of Fish. Economics and Management
    Fisheries College and Research Institute
    Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
    Thoothukudi 628008
    mobile 94981 20392
  • dear friends:
    i want to know if there is any achieve that has all the messages that deal
    with RRC..
  • Mr.jayaraman sir i'm Vijay from kadambur Trustee to Kadambur temple call me
    when your program confirmed, i'' meet you in my temple thank you.

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