Vallam - Vasanteshvaram Cave Temple
  • Hi Friends,
    Today we will see three rock-cut shrines of Vallam, a village near Chengalpattu.
    One of the cave has an inscription of a vassal of Mahendravarman. Two of the
    caves are dedicated to Shiva and one to Vishnu. There are two Ganesha images and
    one Jyestha image as well.

    Now we are just one step far from completing the cave temples of Pallavas,
    Mamandur is not yet published as I am waiting for South Indian Inscriptions Vol
    IV. I expect it to arrive by next week so should complete this by next week.
  • Is the temple under ASI. How they allowed people to paste a poster on inscription? How they allowed 2 speakers ( was it hanging or drilled to the wall) on the inscriptions?

  • Another image of an inscription

    downloaded from a travlogue
  • I think that the caves are under ASI only as I remember seeing the ASI board
    there, however I am not able to find these caves under the list of monuments in
    ASI site,

    I think this is not the first time where we are witnessing such atrocities
    towards our heritage, we were also not so happy to see this, hope we may do
    something in this regard !!
  • As I recall, the board we saw wasn't the typical ASI blue-board, just a
    rusted old sign saying "PALLAVA CAVE TEMPLES".

    I don't remember seeing any other signs...

  • hmm, in that case I might be mistaken, however it would be strange to find that
    these caves are under ASI
  • It is equally shocking to see that most of the early pamdya inscriptions of sadayan Maran, Maran sadyan have disappeared in removations
    The Cholan Talaikonda inscription of both Thirumelveli and Ambasamudram have disappeared.
  • kazgumalai vettuvan koil?

    There are lot of early pandya temples in Tirunelveli - like Attur ( more than 50 inscriptions). I dont know whether they survive.
  • At least one popular myth is exploded and proved false - hindus have no
    sense of history nor kept records. It is now clear that written records
    were created; but both our forefathers and we are not good at "keeping/
    saving" the records. This mindset - over writing, over painting has
    happened in the past and will happen in future as well. I believe, these
    were considered temporal and as 'new giving way to old' and not out of
    spite or irreverence.
  • I have now resigned to the fact that - the best thing is to make them afresh.

    We can work on a projcet of keping info on the various inscription of the temples as a information board.

    Pazhayadi meendum boardil ezhudiyapadi"

    But this require a lot of efforts.
  • Dear Sankar,
    Did you mean Kudanadu Athur near Tuticorin. Only Attur I could find is
    in Salem Dt.
  • The athur - On the way to tiruchendur seems to have a wealth of Inscriptions right from early pandys - 625 AD. How much is available now - no idea. Not an ASI temple. If TN Arch temple, we will be lucky.
  • Der Mr shankar,

    I had read inscription'Cholan thakai konda Pandiyan" and ha d ddonloaded to my folders.Unfortunately lost it due to a Hard- disc failure. Similarly there is a chola inscription where " Pandiyan koyyappadum " incident is claimed.

    I highlightednthese two events, in my blog in ' show how gastly were the warfare ethics in reality.

    Perhaps the present day politicians feel ashamed about such historical facts. But these modern politicians are no better, looking at events happening around us.

  • Cholan thalai konda Pandiyan" -

    then Veerapandian thalai konda aditha karikalan..

    acts of Vengence !!

    from taking our HEADs ..
    meykeerthis started
    talking of PANDIAN SURAM IRAKKIYA ..
    reducing the might..
    Mathiraiyum Eazhamum konda..
    means talking of Conquests !!

    And Matrimonial alliances between
    Power Centres also eased off tension!


  • Dear SPS,
    Thank you for the addition of a detail to my reference Padiyan thalai koitha Cholan saving my efforts to search.


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