Study uncovers interesting details of cave temple architecture
  • Isnt Malaiyadipatti a later pallava cave with a monolithiv nandhi?
  • Another question: What's the deal with the Tirumayam and Malaykoil
    inscriptions? If they're really Pandya inscriptions of Gunasena (like
    Kudumianmalai), that's a big argument against the Kudimuanmalai inscription
    being by Mahendra.

    Also, are the Pandya caves older or newer than Mandagapattu? If they're
    older, what does that do to our long-time working hypothesis that Mahendra
    was the first to excavate in Tamil Nadu?

  • Have you factored into all this, the Muttaraiyars?
  • Did they build any caves?

  • Sorry... Forgot Thirumaiyam!

    Still, how do they come into the discussion?

  • Thought you 'history boy's might know, since other parts of sites you
    mention w caves are Muttaraiyar. i.e. Thirumayam, Kudimiyanmalai,

    Forget it -- I'm wrong. Caves on those sites are much earlier than
  • I raised a point, putting a question mark on Mandagapattu as the first cave, in
    my Vilappakkam article,
    the only reason for this was the simple and primitive architecture of
    Vilappakkam cave,

    also another point was when they can try to excavate seven cells in a cave, why
    would not they try ornamenting it,
    i would say a better design would be less cell hence less work and time, so
    utilize the time which you spent in excavating seven cells into ornamenting the
    cave with fewer cells
    one more reason is if Mandagapattu is the first cave, I do not understand why it
    was dedicated to trinity instead of Shiva, as per one theory Mahendra was
    converted from Jaina to Shaiva hence if he is constructing his first shrine, to
    whom he will dedicate? of course to Shiva, why to someone else
    or Mahendra was never a Jaina, he was a vedic follower and later his dedication
    was more towards Shiva, that's all

    My philosophy is put why against all the theories, and seek answers from that,
    no intentions to go against all well known scholars
  • What about Pillayarpatti? We can argue whether Pillayar is earlier or later. But the Siva and
    hariharaof pillayarpatti are defenetly pre Mahendra - as per the inscription style.

    Is this understanding right?
  • Pillaiyar of Pillaiyarpatti very much belongs to the original cave. This has been extensively studied

    As you have rightly observed, Ganathipathiyam should have existed in full force during appar.

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