colas - madras University
  • More copies of colas are available at Madras University

    Rush - sales till 2.11
  • Hi

    Can you please tell me the address of the book sale.
  • I think its inside Madras University campus.

    But Last two copies of Colas picked up by my friend this morning....after
    seeing SN's mail yesterday, immediately called my friend in Mylapore and
    asked him to go today and pick a copy for me and him. He went there by 9.30
    and picked the last two copies available. :)
    Not sure any further stocks will arrive or available.

    Thanks SN for the information.
  • ?OMG! I had called up my brother who is in Chennai to get a copy for me, and he said he will go in the evening.

    any idea where to get this book in Bangalore?
  • :))
    Looks like Madras University will have to  bring out a special edition for PS members. I'm positive they'll be sold out within the first few hours.
  • Dear
    Whether sastri books / works are nationalized?
  • As satish, said, i grabbed 2 copies. There are very few books displayed for sale there. there are many journals and academics related books only :)
  • There may be copies. check. request the person in the counter. He may bring it from the godown or will ask you to come again. First i picked the last 2 copies. then amother friend picked the last 2 copies. Now satish picked the last 2 copies.

    It is like irudhip porattam. we always have the next irudhip porattam.
  • LOL...good one Sankar. :)

    I am still laughing reading your mail.
    Yes. Maybe, but the person at the counter seems to be not much of help.
    Atleast thats what my friend Sabari said.

    Probably we all got the last 2 copies of the day. :)

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