PS in English
  • Dear Thilak The best translation is by CV Karthik Narayanannot the same as in tamil but the flow is good as opposed to Indra parthasarathy's on line version The link to buy is: CheersSridhar
  • Dear all...

    Sri...isn't that Indra Neelamegam?? Indra Parthasarathy is a famous
    Thamizh writer.

    Here's the link for Indra Neelamegam's work:
  • Hi Rajkumar,
    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that site does not have the fifth edition. I am planning on buying the book maybe if its available online.
  • Hi Sangeetha,

    Sorry for that. I had not checked that. But that book is available online in siffy mall.
  • All,

    Many of the group memebers were asking about PS in English..Last week
    when I casually visited a book stall, I was surprised to see a English
    version of PS.

    Mcmilan Publication.
    Translated by C.V.Karthik Narayanan.
    Each volume cost around Rs.150 or Rs200.

    Deepa, is this the copy you are currently reading now?
  • That copy's been around from '99, I think. It's very popular - all five
    volumes selling like hot cakes. :) The Macmillan people commissioned CVK to
    translate the book.
  • Hi

    at first they didnt expect it to sell I guess.

    this book was funded by a private trust I think the M.R. arunachalam
    trust run by the murugappa group.

    But then one shouldnt read the tamil original and this. you'll get
  • Hi: "But then one shouldnt read the tamil original and
    this. you'll get wild".
    Am reading (very slowly) the english version because I
    can't read tamil yet. What you say is true. If I think
    of what I read in tamil and switch back to English,
    there is an element of transsition :)
  • Hi All:

    Just wondering. The Chola and Pallava dynasty has been
    explored largely. Is there any good literature on the
    Pallava dynasty?
  • Hi Pavithra,
    Is your translation of "Shivagamin Shabadam" published
    as yet?
  • Hi Deepa,

    Almost. Final editing's being done (I'm doing it now. :) Cover's been
    decided, and we're coming to some kind of concensus for illustrations
    inside. It should go to press by the end of this month - first week of
    December at the latest.

    Parthiban's Dream has come out, though. :)

    Thanks for asking.
  • Thanks so much Pavithra. I have read parts of your
    book on your blog, just counting seconds to get my
    hands on one of the first copies. Do tell me who the
    publisher is, so that I can get a copy sooner than it
    gets to the book shops.
  • Good. Which publisher, whats the price ?
  • Hi group,

    I read PS in tamil and would like to make non-tamilian's to read the
    PS.. is there any English version available right now. Ofcourse a
    online /pdf sort of..
  • I think it is partially available from zine5, i am not sure it is completely
    in english anywhere.

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