Times of India Article about Vijay and our group
  • http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/From-pillar-to-post/articleshow/6721339.cms

    An article in Today's chennai TOI regarding the trip our group carried out
    in June
  • Very happy to know the real contributions is recognized by the media.
  • Hi,
    Very good post and well balanced statements, will surely help to reach out to
    more people. Congratulations.
  • Hi,

    Super work, the inro to your group, reading your blogs mails and contents are my
    only source right now to our deep cultural attaintments since ages, physically I
    am away from india since 1976 and as a ten yr old left chennai in the year 1957,
    on my long journey, may be I will be lucky to join trips to monuments temples
    and learn more about our art and the stories our stones have to teach us. please
    tell whom I should write to to join your educational trips. Please keep going
    for the sake of novices like me.

    Thank you all for the great work, "naan kattradhu kaimun alavu karkadhadhu kadal
    alavu" ungal anaivarukkum en manamaardhe vanakkangal !
  • Nice to see names up in lights!

  • not only names, the print edition also has a photo of our trip.
  • This is a great news! Hearty Congratulations!!!
  • Wonderful.
    Kudos to the team!!!
  • congrats to VJ and to the whole 'Poetry in Stone' gang.
  • Congrats mr.vijay,

    Really happy to see your passion and hardwork being acknowledged along with your team.

  • Congrds - Vijay, Thirumalai, Satheesh, Arvind, Divakar, Shriram, Ashok
    et al.
    Let the good work reach more and create more such inspired experts.
  • Happy, good and proud!

  • "" ....We got together after reading Kalki Krishnamurthy's historical novel Ponniyin Selvan', which brought alive the 10th century Chola empire ..." he says.

  • Very nicely summed up in the Times of India.

    Congrats Vijay & Team !!


  • In Kaui, Hawaii; there is a Hindu Monastery that is building temple on the island. They have a good daily blog on what happens in the monastery including pictures of the temple building process. The Shilpis are from Tamil Nadu:


    The above link is just one such; they have thousands of pictures of how the temple is being built.

    I hope it is useful to some of you here.

  • I've been to the Shiva Temple there twice now. Lovely place. Just wish
    it weren't so difficult to get to.
    Only people with lots of money can afford to visit it.There are
    Rudraksha & banyan trees on the site which were exciting to see. They
    let visitors take a hammer-swing at the marble they're carving.
    They've been raising money for decades to complete the structure.
  • Hi,

    Congrats to the entire Poetry in Stone Group. That's some awesome work
    you're doing. You're going places :)
  • in my childhood, the ashram of the swamiji was in aa. ru. st in kanadukathan. we were also in the same street. i remember seeing im in that ashram -
  • Hi,

    Could you please provide us an update on your Translation of Sivagamiyin
    Sabatham in English.

    What is the expected date of the release. We are very much interested.

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