The Colas - by Neelakanta Sastri
  • Hi Friends,
    I have heard that this book, The Colas by Neelakanta Sastri, is not a easy
    one to find. The book was published by publication division of University of
    Madras. Recently I got this book from a publisher from New Delhi, costing Rs
    850. I am not sure whether the book is sold via University itself. However it
    seems that the printed price of the book is Rs 250 only.
    If anyone is interested to buy this book, they can contact the publisher,
    contact details are there in their website. The book is not listed in the
    website hence call and order.

    If this book is indeed easily available form University of Madras bookshop then
    I think I paid some extra amount to procure this. Anyway, if you are interested
    then there is a place from where you can get this.
  • Hi Saurabh,

    I bought this book last December on Madras Book Fair. It was in the University stall and got it for Rs.400/-
  • there is a sale going on Chennai university publications at 50% discount.

    I was passing by and saw.
  • Oh great, where is the sale?
  • in the campus itself. But dont know what books are on sale.

    Saw the banner outside.
  • inside chennai univercity complex.

    I picked up the last copy. Price - dont want to break hearts

    There are few other good books. u can still check and pick

    i will give the list tonight
  • What you picked the last one? No more left for us poor dudes? Awww...

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