Aryans - media reports
  • Dear Friends,

    That is an interesting query.

    With Vishu Idol found some time back in Russia,
    with the archaeological evidences of a LOST CITY underneath Siberia, the subject really gets more interestings.

    What is intriguing is, the LANGUAGE they spoke.

    There is some mention re their language in the report.

    Let us focus on that too.

    Dear Shankar,

    It is easy and comfortable to discuss this topic " alone " - without mixing with "dravidian " -"race " etc.

    rgds / sps
  • D/Friends ,

    Pl read articles on SAMI people of Finland or Scandinavian penninsula,

  • any photos of the Vishnu image found in Russia?
  • In the first episode of his documentary -The Story of India-, Michael Wood visits Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to find the origins of Vedic culture and the roots of Sanskrit language.

    He traces the roots of human civilisation in Kerals and finds DNA evidence in the gene pool that has been preserved due to the old tradition of marrying first cousins.

    Finds the plant that was used to make the Soma Paanam described in the Rg Veda in Afganistan... Also visits Harappa, Mohanjadaro, Kurukshetra, Hastinapuram and (ancient) Madura.

    This has been posted here about 2 years ago. Also, Raj Mutharasan mentioned it in Lemuria thread.


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