Lemuria !!!!
  • http://www.hindu.com/2010/10/04/stories/2010100458940100.htm

    * “Rama's birthplace traced, but not Raja Raja's memorial” * Special
    Correspondent * Karunanidhi's poser on verdict *

    CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said on Sunday that he was
    pained by the fact that the memorial of Chola ruler Raja Raja, who reigned
    from 985 CE to 1014 CE, could not be traced, while Justice D.V. Sharma of
    the Allahabad High Court was able to confirm the birth place of Rama.

    “Rama is said to have been born in Kritha Yuga, which covers 17,28,000
    years. Now the birthplace of Rama, born about 17 lakh years ago, has been
    confirmed by the judgment,” he said in a statement, recalling Justice
    Sharma's observation that the disputed site at Ayodhya was the birthplace of
    Lord Ram and the disputed building was constructed by Babar.

    Mr. Karunanidhi said it was a matter of regret that neither the details of
    Raja Raja's death, nor the place where he was buried and the site where a
    pillar was erected in his memory could be traced, though he lived a mere
    1,000 years ago and ruled the entire South.

    The Tamil Nadu government recently organised a festival at Thanjavur, the
    capital of the Cholas, to commemorate the millennium of the Big Temple
    constructed by Raja Raja.

    Recalling the speech he made at the function, Mr. Karunanidhi said schemes,
    including land survey and democratic election ( kudavolai) of panchayat
    chiefs, were introduced during his reign, and the Big Temple and the
    epigraphs on its walls bore testimony to the achievements and political
    acumen of Raja Raja.

    Mr. Karunanidhi said that though a proper history of the Dravidian race was
    not yet written, archaeologists and linguists of foreign countries opined
    that the Dravidian civilisation was at least 3,000 years old. “This is based
    on researches on Lemuria, the Indus Valley Civilization and the Tamil

    He said the truth about how the Dravidian race lived scientifically could be
    explained by making comparative studies between the Dravidian and other
    histories. “But the Aryan civilisation that tried to upstage the Dravidian
    race is keen on only inculcating irrational beliefs in the people without
    any basis.”

    Mr. Karunanidhi also recalled his speech at Nagercoil in Kanyakumari
    district, stressing that Dravidians were descendants of a race that lived in
    Lemuria, lakhs of years ago.

    He said the ancient Tamils' origin could be traced to Lemuria.

    “Unique culture”

    “Ours is a unique culture. We call it Dravidian culture to distinguish it
    from the Aryan culture,” he said.

    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • Hi Friends,
    One question has always confused me is the division between Dravidian and Aryan
    culture. I do not see much difference but many similarities. Difference is there
    from language perspective but similarities are there in beliefs, faith and other
    many things.
    If we, for time being, accept the Aryan invasion theory then we need to
    differentiate between Aryan and Dravidian as one race should be there whom we
    can term as aboriginal race of the land. However if we do not approve this
    invasion theory then I do not see a difference between Aryan or Dravidian.
  • freinds,
    modern anthropology classification puts indians(southasians)into 3 groups
    1.dardic(indic): seen in northwesternindia-caucasoid in appearence
    2.melanids: seen all over india- darker brownish colour but caucasoid features
    3.veddoids: seen in eastern coastal india and bangladesh, madhyapradesh, srilanka, orissa..etc.-they are shorter and closer to australian aborigines and africans.

    there is aryan or dravidian hypothesis applicable only in languageclassification..

    lemuria may be only the sahara desert from where early dravidians left after it became a desert(10,000 years ago). these proto saharans brought rice cultivation to southindia and a sophisticated language called tamil.( for ref see clyde winters articles)

    lemuria is cultural concept and not a geographical concept similar to ramsethu. if ram existed 17 lakh years ago, it could be only a beleif. lemuria is also beleif. how come rationalists hold such a beleif is the problem?

  • Sir,

    If I may make a small correction, I think we should separate the terms
    "Lemuria" and "Kumari Kandam" - the (superceded) supercontinent theory, and
    the "cultural concept" as you put it.

    I think at this point, if at all we make allowances for Kumari Kandam, it
    can't be as a super-continent south of India. Such a continent does not, did
    not and could never have existed in the postulated time-frame, unless
    something is seriously wrong with modern geology. That the "rationalists"
    profess such a belief just proves that in this at least, they aren't being
    very rational or skeptical.
  • Hi

    To add to this thread, following evidences based on human genome cannot be ignored.

    1. Human species as we know it emerged in the continent of Africa some 240,000 years ago. Approximately 60,000 years ago, they wandered out of Africa. [Some say that the out of Africa occurred 85,000 years ago]. A good source of information is the on-going project sponsored by the National Geographic Society, called the genographic project. Needless to say, these facts are revised as new findings occur. https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/genographic/lan/en/atlas.html

    2. If you progress through the years in the link above, you will see various migration patterns of people who entered India, primarily from the north. Some of the early migrant group was discovered in a Kallar community just outside Madurai, who are the link for humans who ultimately migrated to Australia. [ If you enjoy digging into archeo-genology the following paper would provide some useful insights: http://www.krepublishers.com/02-Journals/IJHG/IJHG-07-0-000-000-2007-Web/IJHG-07-2-123-214-2007-Abst-PDF/IJHG-07-2-167-07-298-Kanthimathi-S/IJHG-07-2-167-07-298-Kanthimathi-S-Tt.pdf]. If you prefer a lighter version, you may want to view Michael Wood’s narrative: “The Story of India” on youtube.

    3. Population of Tamil Nadu is varied. According to this genetic study [http://www.ias.ac.in/jgenet/Vol87No2/temp/jgen00160.pdf] , Tamil Nadu experienced three major immigrant waves in ancient times. [this may be changed on new scientific info] These occurred: approx. 20,000 , 10,000 and 5,000 years ago.

    4. Saurabs’ observation that Aryan/Dravidian divide is a linguistic one and not a race, is supported by such distinguished scholars as Romila Thapar.

    The idea of Lemuria, a southern continent, cannot yet be affirmed through any available scientific data. Does anyone in this group know when that idea was put forward?

    Regards, Raj Mutharasan
  • Last time I checked, Dravidians were not a race. The Dravidian distinction is based on the Dravidian languages. The AIT is bogus; how long are gullible people going to believe in such things and be cheated by politicians?

  • freinds,
    the irony is india does not have a anthropology department worth to call. last time we had a meeting in annamalai, the delhi anthropology department HOD told me that there are no journals of anthropology at all in india. because of this classification of people is left to religious and caste leaders and politicians. this is the problem.

    anthropolog is a word unheard of in india( that is in a country where it is maximum needed)
  • island of Lemurs? perhaps it's just Madagascar!
    glad to read the many sensible entries recently, Ayodhya, Lemuria,
    corruption, etc.
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