• It is very easy to comment on people's belief and faith carried over centuries !
    For ascertaining the real birthplace and details about Rama one should read the
    original Valmiki Ramayanam script in sanskrit instead of comparing it with
    Raja Raja Chozhan's memorial ! It requires thorough knowledge to understand
    the secret of Rama and laymen cannot do it !

    Don't we accept the gentleman pointed out by our mothers that so and so is
    your birthplace and so and so is your father ! If we can understand this then
    we can also understand the real birthplace of Sri Rama !

  • Hi,

    Chinna vaay periya pechu (mannikanum ennai)

    I am not sure why most of our fellow brothers don't beleive in Ramayana,
    Mahabharata, Bhagwadgita and other literature... they turn a blind eye even when
    there are many facts been uncovered which supports the existance of Shri Ram.

    Its like this, the science says there are infra-red rays in the atmosphere. A
    common pamaran with just a cooling glass or naked eye cannot see it, so he turns
    to say 'infra-red' never existed/nor does it exists(because he does not have a
    infra-red sensor). Not having infra-red sensor does not mean that infra-red rays
    does not exist... Same like that current generation of man-kind does not have
    the knowledge/equipement/science to understand the events on Ramayana or

    Thanks & Rgds.,

  • Dear Friends,
    The topic is sensitive however that does not mean that we cannot have discussion
    on this. If we all keep our cool and discuss on points and to the matter, it
    could turn out to be a good discussion. Just do not write something which may
    hurt someone. It is accepted that Ayodhya is the birthplace of Rama or Mathura
    is the birth place of Krishna, no issues as our scriptures say so. Whether these
    are mythological figures or real figures, do not matter.
    I am more interested in how you explain that that 30*120 feet land in 5*5 KM
    area of Ayodhya is birthplace of Rama? Does this make sense to fight and try to
    prove this particular things or I better say can this thing be ever proved? I
    agree that we, as Hindu, believe in our Gods, and there is no issue with this.
    Faith and beliefs are good until these are not used to achieve insane goals. My
    only issue lies with why to fight for a small land when whole Ayodhya is there
    to construct a temple, let it be grand or say the grandest temple in India. The
    whole Ayodhya is related to Rama not just that particular piece of land.
    Please do not flow with the issues created by politicians or similar groups who
    are just using us to serve their purposes.
    These are just my thoughts, I do not ask anyone to subscribe to these.


    sps & other moderators.


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