[Poetry In Stone|கல்லிலே கலைவண்ணம் கண்டோம்] Head to Head clash - Pallava Stone vs Chola Bronze| பல்ல
  • Mr. Vijay, I am sure you have had a chance to look at Karnataka's Hoysala's
    intricate scultures presented at Belur, Halibedu (Hampi is a little different as
    it is vijayanagara) etc., What is your opinion on those??
  • hi Swarna

    Yes, they are indeed wonderful. as satheesh has shared some of the posts on
    them on the site, we are yet to explore and feature more - will do so
    shortly. But right now the focus in to highlight the hidden gems from within
    TN. But defn will work towards posting more from them as well.

    As regards opinion as a pure art appreciator - i prefer lesser ornamentation
    - ie not overdoing the curves, of the pallava n early chola. plus the stone
    is soft stone as well - so on both counts - aesthetics and difficult
    quotient, would say pallava outshines them. But there is one particular
    sculpture that is stunning and have been wanting to feature - the Mohini
    there, very unique style and grace - it stands out
  • Mr.Vijay, I have some of these pictures too - will share it with you soon. I
    have some Hampi pictures not sure if you can use it for analysis though as they
    are not in high resolution. I do feel though are they are enormously intricate,
    they are extremely unique and cannot be compared with TN sculptures.

    You are right, the Mohini sculture is an excellent piece of art - There are few
    in Hampi which I feel are absolutely unique and elaborate, will try and see if I
    can share some of those.
  • Hi, Swarna,
    I have lots of Hampi photos, also. I'd love to see yours. Do you have
    a Picasa account?
    I really enjoy mine, very easy to use & if you only have a limited
    number of photos, it's free.
    In Karnataka, I most enjoy murthis of the Calukyas of Vatapi, & I've
    recently discovered the
    Gangas of Talakad.
    but there are some puzzling, interesting images on the pillars at
    Hampi I'd love to have
    identified -- guy covered in a cloak, man riding a fish, etc.
  • yeah, picasa is a fine tool to network and share as well. Lots of thing to
    do - the net opens up a world of possibilities

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