Mahabalipuram - Pancha Pandava Cave
  • Hi,
    Though Pancha Pandava Cave is an unfinished cave however it is an important
    study. In this cave, on the miniature shrines above the cornice, we see the
    first application of rampant lion pillars. This rampant lion pillars are seen as
    a dinstinct example of Rajasimha as we see these in his structural temples.
    However presence of this element on Pancha Pandava Cave gives us vital clue
    about the advancements in the architectural style from Mamalla to Rajasimha.

    Does rampant lions on miniature shrines in this cave suggest something?
  • This is a beautiful job, Saurabh. Just getting around to looking at
    it. I'd seen
    these photos in books and couldn't understand where they might
    actually be. You've explained it.
  • Thanks Sourabh

    Your article is both intresting and the language is simple.

    This combined with Vj's Tamil conference videos will help new people .

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