Help on books
  • Hi all,

    I am interested in reading more about tamil history. I would like to
    know if you would be interested in advising on such books and if
    possible to lend the same for reading.

    May be we all can put up a list of the books we have, like a library
    in the navigation bar..I am sure quite a number of them would be
    there.. So.. we may try uploading a few interesting chapters on the
    net and if possible do an exchange of material among

    Awaiting your responses....

  • Hi,

    Regarding Cholas there is an excellent book called "The Colos" by "Nikakanda Shastri". Iam in the process of reading the book.

    Also there is another book called "Vanthargal Vendrargal" by "Madan" this is abt the moghul history in north india.

    Both are intresting books.
  • 2 days back, I bought a book, "Veerapandiyanin Manaivi". I thought this
    is about Nandhini. But to my shock, this had nothing to do with any of
    the characters in PS.
    Until now we had seen Cholas as the heroes and Pandiyas as the villains.
    Atleast this is how Kalki had portrayed. In this book, we get a
    different angle. The Cholas are characterized as villains.
  • Hi All,

    I've read "VeeraPandiayan Manaivi" thrice. Its
    childish to think the cholas are heros ( Including
    Rajarajan ) and pandiyas are villians.

    I think some of this group members worship kings
    instead of literature.
  • I beg your pardon sir
    we dont worship any kings we only admire them...

    If you go into the mails archives you ll see numerous mails admiring the feats of pallava and panya kings this groups main crux in PS which is based on the imperial cholas so we are partial to their achievements


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