Thiruvarur - Somaskanda
  • 1.    Tiruvarur - Somaskanda

    realization of the curse, an aggrieved Vishnu created a composite image
    featuring Shiva, Uma and Skanda (Somaskanda - symbolic of fertility) and
    ... - Cached - Similar

    2.    Somaskanda -

    Somaskanda is a manifestation of
    Shiva featuring Shiva, Uma and Skanda; Shiva in a seated posture, with Parvati
    to his left and with Skanda his son, ... - Cached - Similar

    3.    Somaskanda -
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    Somaskanda is a particular form of
    representation of Shiva with his consort Uma, and Skanda as a child. This
    family group depiction of Shiva originated ... - Cached - Similar

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    5.    The Iconograph

  • Viswanath, great collection! Thank you.
  • ASI review 1971-72 talks about Thiruppanjali somaskanda பைஞ்ஞீலி (திருப்பைஞ்ஞீலி) where Paravti is to the right of siva. This rock cut cave period may be attributed to Mutharayars of 9th AD as per ASI.

    In this the skanda is standing. If any one has the image - please post.
  • Hi,
    I have this photo, taken from ASI Review. But there seems to be some issue while
    attaching it here. I will send it asap when this issue will be resorved.
  • Hi,
    Please find the attached picture taken from ASI Review.

    @vj - may you please include this in your evolution article as this seems quite
    different from other panels.
  • It is Thiruppaigili - not Thiruvaarur. Below one is from Takkolam
  • Dear Gokul,
    Are Thiruppaigili and Thiruppanjali the same place?
    Transliterated spelling's confusing me as usual.
  • both are same places


    The Thiruvarur Somskanda is supposed to be gifted by lord indra.
    as per PURANM it is very old. It is alway covered. One day in a year hand can be seen and one day in a year his feet.

    The other 6 Somaskandas - Thirunallaru etc are also supposed to be made during the same time. Sapta Vidanga shetrams. thyagaraja idol was taken to safety along ith nataraja of cidambaram during invasions.

    Request member to post on this. Once had an oppertunity to haev darshan of Thirunallaru somaskandavery closely.-Could not find any difference.

  • Yes

    > Dear Gokul,
    > Are Thiruppaigili and Thiruppanjali the same place?

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