Request for picture - Somaskanda panel of the Vedagirisvara temple
  • Hi,
    I am looking for Somaskanda panel of the Vedagirisvara temple at
    Tirukkalukundram. If any of the member have visited and taken this picture,
    please share if there is no issue with sharing.
  • Dear Saurabh,
    Boy, I'd like to see that, also. I was up there in '07 but not polite
    to photograph GarbhaGrha during puja [or maybe ever?]
  • how can i refuse when the request if from two dear enthusiasts

    boy , was it tough to get this shot. me and arvind almost got into fistcuffs
    with a crowd for this
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • Thanks for the address of your blog on great Thirukkalikundram
    photos / yours & Arvind's. My atheist friends were embarrassed by
    being included in the puja, so I was distracted from the sculptre.
    Noticed I'd said I'd send you the Mandap photos, can't remember if I
    ever did? Let me know. The lengths Ron went to for these! N. Rao's
    holding him up.

    those stairs were steep!

    Do you happen to know which Devi temple these pilgrims were heading
    for, none spoke any English.
  • Hi vj,
    Thanks a lot, I was thinking to go to your article as I remember that you wrote
    on evolution of this panel. Today I was going through Dr Gift Siromoney's page
    as he wrote many articles about Mahabalipuram and somehow I missed to include

    One thing good about this group is that you get your requests fulfilled which is
    very helpful indeed.
  • The temple they were heading is Mel maruvathur Adiparasakthi temple, between madurantakam and dindivanam.
  • Thanks, Sankar, I just looked it up and saw a photo of a fang-y Devi
    who looks like
    she could be Sri Hanuman mother. Thanks for exact directions, always
    like to know, tho think I can skip that koil. Sounds like a scary place.
  • http://F:320 GBEInscriptions and Archivessomaskanda - Google Search.mht

    Dear Mr.Saurabh,

    The linkabove should help you.

  • Dear Mr.Saurabh,

    In my earlier post there was technical problem.
    I hope this post will be though

    Open the atach
  • hi kathie

    you did send me - the orukal mandabam photos. its a very interesting one. 3
    kings from 3 different clans ratifying the first kings donation !!

    viewers to note - the somaskandas and other sculptures in the post are found
    in the structural temple on top of the hill. this cave is the one on the
  • Dear Vj
    who are those kings:
    Skanda sishya/narasimha pallavan/Rajendra- am i right?

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