PonniyinSelvan Tour by Mr S.Seetharaman
  • Hi all

    One of our early group members by name Mr S.Seetharaman - who greatly helped us to conduct the very first PS yathirai (under the graceful auspices of SPS) - is planning to announce a PS sutrula to the public.

    Before that he wants to offer the same to PS members (at a discounted price) so that they can experience the tour and provide valuable inputs.

    He has taken up a Boarding and Lodging facility (called ANANTHASAYANA) to do various tours in Kumbakonam belt like Navagraha tours etc. PS tour will be one of them.

    Since he is not very active in the group, he requested me to do this posting & coordination.

    Following details were forwarded by him.

    Pl let me know if you will be interested.
  • Dear Mr.Gokul,
    What is the last date to enroll?

    payment mode?
  • Seems quite a few members have mailed to Mr Seetharaman directly & he feels response is very positive.

    You can start communicating with him directly. Also, if members wish to join from other places they can contact him at [email protected]
  • Dear Gokul,

    Thanks for your valuable information.
    Though I am very interested to participate in this tour, due to leave problem in my job I am not able to come this time.
    I am already planning to attend the 1000th year celebrations of the Thanjavur big temple on 24th & 25th of September. Hope you are aware of this celebration.
    Please inform me when you are planning again.
    My other suggestion is if you can change your plan combining with this temple function, it will be really nice.
  • Hi

    I am very much interested. Please let me know the schedule and the assembly point.

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