Sculpture in bragatheeswarar temple
  • Hello PS family -

    One of my co-worker posted this question. Can anybody help finding the answer to this? I'm not sure which tower/gopuram/entrance this is, but I think they are constructed by many kings during their regime, and not necessarily by the great Rajaraja!

    Can someone throw some light on this? One of my other co-worker replied below. Is this true?
  • there are many theories for this. but most certainly this sudhai ( stucco)
    figure is not a original chola built one. we have discussed this extensively
    in our archives, search for European on big temple.
    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man
  • Dear Mr. Rakki,
    Please check this blog of Venkatesh Sir regarding the sculpture of an European in the Big temple.

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