Thamizh kalai chorkkal!
  • "Krupa
    there are many tamizh sorkal which are used by our good kavingar even today...not the ones who write thanglish songs or engmil( predominantly english with thamil words here and there)

    I was listening to Kakhkakha......

    'mandhavasam sindhum unthan mugam maranam varaiyil en nenjil minnum....' very goodlines very beautiful visualisation....

    I asked my wife and a few freinds who were enjoying it the meaning of mandhakasam.....suprise one knew....

    Its just a english...

    it can be nagai.....
    so on and so forth its just different versions and stages of tamizh.....
  • One of the words I can think of is uvan.

    Ivan - This person
    Avan - That person
    Uvan - Something like "You".
    This was pointed by Sujatha in his Katradhum Petradhum sometime back.
    In Srilankan Tamil, they still use uvan.
    If you see Thenali, Abdul Hameed will use this word.
  • does anyone know the meaning of Kalapa kadhala?

  • Dear Mr. Vijaykumar,

    Nice to know that some one is going through earlier mails and posting

    Kalabam : Peacock. In these species, Male is beautiful! Kaakka ..
    kaakka kathirvel kaakka .....
    Fondly, SB
  • Dear SB
    Ponniyin selvan gruop teerka mudiyatha puthirai thani oru manitharaka theertha SB avargale neer vazhga

  • On Thu, 20 May 2004, Thilak wrote:

    > Kalapam: I dont know if it means peacock, but I heard it
    > means "thogai"- of the peacock (maybe its being used
    > interchangeably?). Kalaapa mayil- I guess- should mean Thogai
    > viriththaadum mayil- in other words, courtship.
    > Fits here, in the lyrics.
    > But, personally I feel, Bombay Jayashree sings kalaa*b*a kaadhala...
    > Now the term kalaabam, has another meaning. Its more a romulan term,
    > a masculine term, meaning storm, tempest.
    > In other words "causing a commotion" (Thanks to my friend Anitha for
    > this). I feel, you cause a commotion in me would fit better that you
    > attract me or you seduce me...

    I don't know whether the meaning of "commotion" is correct. The Madras
    University lexicon (Vol. II, page 781), lists the word 'Kalaapam' as
    peacock feather and it also gives another meaning of
    Rising/disturbance/uproar/raid/invasion. Commotion, does not fit into this
    description I feel.

  • Thanks guys
    I like the causing a disturbance/commotion idea better

    Rising/disturbance/uproar/raid/invasion.In love all these matters of the heart do cause a Commotion,
    So I would agree with Thilak


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