Malar Cholai Mangai- Consolidation of reviewer remarks and requesting valuble suggestions
  • Respected Sirs/ Madam,
    First up all I have to thank all Reviewers who had spent their valuble time in reading the Draft Malar Cholai Mangai and render their valuble suggestions.
    I have consolidated  the views of the Reviewers of the Malar Cholai Mangai in a table format and enclosed for your kind perusal. I propose to make the changes in the lines the reviewers suggested.
    You may kindly inform your valuble suggestions if any to me at the earliest in this regard.
    If any learned member wants to incorporate more suggestions other than mentioned, it is welcomed with great respect. However you may inform at the earliest.
    I hope I will complete the entire work before 15th August 2010.
    My cell No 9444088535. You are free to contact at any in this regard
    Ellaam valla easunaiyum thangalin paathangalaiyum vananki intha tamil velviyil thankgaliyum panku pera azaikkum.
    Thankalin AdiyEn
    Dr L Kailasam
  • Dear Sir

    I have gone through data and it is fine. Please go ahead and modify accordingly.

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