Kalki novels word file
  • Dear All

    I am planning to make a new format ebook of Kalki's novels with pictures / art work.

    Hope that you accept that with the art work if you are reading the novel it will give more satisfacation.

    By checking all our PDF no art work / pictures attached. Hence I have planned this to make kalki's novel with pictures.

    If you are having the novel in word format, Please mail me. Also if any art work / pictures too.
  • the art works are under copyright. please refrain
  • Dear Sundar

    The problem with the images is it is still copyrighted by the artists Maniam, Vinu and padmavasan

    Kalki's work are nationalised but not the pictures


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    To: [email protected]
  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply. Can we have the word file of PS/SS/PC?
  • you can check all the works from project madurai here


    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man

    On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 5:40 PM, SUNDARKRISHNAN
  • Dear Sundar,
    Excellent Work. Goddess saraswathi will help you in this regard
  • Hi Sundar,

    It s a good idea. What if you draw the pictures according to the play and
    scan that to the system then you can paste to the word document of the
    ponniyien selvan.

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