• Dear Kathie,

    I hope you have visited, apart from Vijayalaya chozeehswaram @
    Sathan pzhyilieeswaram in Narthamalai, (refer discussions from our
    Archives) the longest row of tamil inscripions, comprable to
    Ashoka's edicts, in the nearby Kabilamalai (Kabilar mountain - 1/2
    Km North) ...

    And the Ekadhasa Vishnus !

    Dr. Kalaikkovan showed these to us 2 / 3 yrs back.

    And another prehistoric burial site on the Eastern side of the Main
    road !

    When we visited in mid-day, the place looked "hanunted" and my car
    started moving without anyone inside and there was a whirl-wind !

    I think Sathish kumar was also there with us apart from varlaaru

    regards/ sps
  • Dear sps,
    No, I was not aware of those other sites you
    So often when I return from a trip to a wonderful
    place, I learn of more neat things that were there
    which I didn't know about, didn't see.
    Thanks a lot for the additional information.
  • Every time I cross Narathamalai - which is definitely thrice in 2 months - on way to Pudukottai / Pillayarpatti - I am reminded of your attachment to this Heritage place. Thanks for keeping it so dear to you Katherine.

    And also reminded of Ganeshkumar's photo gallary re Narathamalai !!

    warm regds/ sps
  • How many of you visited Nandipura Vinnagaram near Pateeswaam, Kumbakonam and
    whether it is the same mentiones in "Ponniyin Selavn"

  • Dear friends,
    I came across this article on Narthamalai while browsing....
  • thats a nice article. thanks for sharing
  • top photo in the article is mis-labelled. It's one of the six side
    shrines, not
    the central VijayalayaCholeeswaram Koil.

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