Vijay's talk in Coimbatore - Report in The Hindu
  • Great sampath sir,

    I didn't realise. Its been a dream to feature poetryinstone on the hindu!!!

    Thanks all

    Anbudan vj
  • Excellent Vijay! Way to go... You have aptly used the opportunity to highlight
    critical issues.
  • congrats vijay
  • I read the article in today's Metro Plus.... congrats Vijay.... Hope more readers and art enthusiasts go through your blog "" and also hope that more awareness about conservation is created through that...

    Once again hearty congratulations :)

    - Shiva
  • Congrats Vijay
  • Congratulations, Vijay!!
  • ada pongappa...summa congrats solli solli bore adikuthu...
    I am not going to congratulate vijay anymore...I think he has crossed all
    those threshold now.... :)
    All I can do is pray for more output from him...

    Expectation is mounting on Vijay....

    With Power (popularity??) comes more responsibilities (Spiderman)

    I am sure you will keep up to your responsibilities.
  • thanks satish. will try and live up to the high expectations !!

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