Trip to Trichi - please suggest nearby places
  • Hi Members,
        I am planning a trip to Trichy for 10th-11th September. I can extend this to 12th if I have more places to cover. Currently I gave planned only Trichy, specially Mahendra caves, however I am looking for more options so that I can get maximum out of this trip. May you be kind enough to suggest me good places nearby Trichy which I must cover in this trip.
    Also, if any member wants to join this trip, it is most welcome from my side and an honor to have.
  • hi saurabh

    adding shriram for temples around trichy - two caves in the rockfort are
    must see.

    dive into pudukkottai - moovar koil, irivar koil, musunkundan temple - all
    near virali malai. then you can dive a little further to malaiyadipatti -
    vishnu and shiva cave - lot of megalithic structures enroute. ofcourse then
    into namakkal, kudimiyanmalai, tirumayam.......

    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man
  • you can do naarthamalai and sittanavasal...
    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man
  • Don't forget beautiful Narthamalai, if you're going down into
    Pudukkottai Dt.!
  • You can include Avudayar Kovil in pudukottai.
    And as Kathie said, dont miss narthamalai.
  • Dear Vijay,

    Like we quote mails from the archieves - who not we have some ready detail from " poetry in stone " re the places you mentioned.

    And hearty congrats for your very nice interview in The Hindu Metro plus - Chennai edn today... and special thanks for mentioning PONNYINSELVAN and SIVAGAMIYIN SABATHAM !

    And of course Amar chitrakatha - Pavithra's fvt one too.

    rgds / sps

  • hi,
    this is srinivas i'm residing in trichy and ineed to know whether you are only planning trichyi need to know further so that i can fix you up for further plan,,,any doubts you can call me09750248960


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