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  • Friends,

    Like having filmed the concept of Karnan episode in the name of THALAPATHI - Director Manirathanam has come out with another concept movie - RAVANA KIDNAPPING SITA AND RAMA retrieving her ..

    The 21st Century Sita adopted role is performed by none other than Aishwarya Roy - who is considered TOP among the all time Beauty - Film Personality of the 20th / 21st Century !!

    This has evolved scope for several discussions and the focus moved on to Ravana - the epic Character !!


    Giving speculations for several things ::

    Whether there was Rama ? Whether there was Ravana ?

    Whether Rama of UP visited Ravana of Lanka etc.

    We have discussed several of these aspects during SETHU BANDANAM !!

    Our dear Sankaranarayanan is coming out with a serial on RAMA - prior to KAMBARAMAYANAM too... compiling from Sangam Literatures and other documents / inscriptions / copper plates etc. !!

    Focus was also on RAVANA ( who was Brahman by birth) who was destroyed by a RAMA ( KSshatriya by birth) for having performed an act not acceptable to Society ( in those era... residuals of such ethics spilt over through Other Sahas to present day too !)

    Focusing on specific query by respected member Katherine, NOT TO PROLONG FURTHER DISCUSSIONs but FOR ONLY SHARING OF CERTAIN DETAILS -I would submit ::

    As cited earlier quoting Tiruvalangadu Copper plates - the Cholas and the Ram are claiming their Origin from the SUN God !! It will be interesting to trace similar dynasties like Guptha etc., Likewise the PANDYAS trace their Origin from the MOON God ( Chandra Vamsam !!)

    It is interesting that Cheras trace from PARASURAMAN - who was Brahman who hunted Kstriyas later !!

    Pallavas origin is known from the famous inscriptions of Kanchi Kailasanathar Temple which is traced from BHARADHWAJA .. a Brahminical Sage !!

    Precisely this detail only prompted me to write so much in detail - dear Katherine and Shiv Shankar.

    Pallavas hailed from Brahmical origin but performed Kshatriya duties and THUS BECAME TO BE KNOWN AS BRAHMA-KSHATRIYAs !! So was the KING OF BANARES !!



  • Thank you SPS Sir,

    For enlightning me with this information and knowledge. I am thankful to Ravi-eds sir too, unless otherwise I might have not know these facts.

    Thanks & Rgds.,


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