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  • Dear All,
    I hope writer Balakumaran written the novel 'UDAYAR' with full dedication and lot of informations gatherd from meny sources. The novel is very much interesting. I have  completed all 6 volumes. Balakumaran  flew over all the parts of " Chozha Saamrajyam like a good view bird, and explained very nicely.  Any comment about this novel from anyone?  

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  • dear sakthisree,

    Why beat around the bush - you can address me directly. I call a spade spade
    and am never afraid to stick to my convictions. . and since this is a forum
    that discusses historic fiction and hence would take you ref to ` historic
    peope' as a compliment. and a correction in yours, i stopped reading Udayar
    3/4 th into the first volume itself and not the 3rd volume. The reasons i
    have mentioned many times before and state again - as a writer and an
    acclaimed writer at that,of historical fiction, you have every right to spin
    a plot - but then my contention is that this poetic license stops when you
    deal with real people - people who have lived in flesh and blood. You have
    the option to portray an imaginary character in whatever way you want - take
    Kalki's portrayal of characters in PS - he didn't malign any real character.
    There is no reason behind the portrayal of the grand old lady - who personal
    contribution to converting brick temples to stone, would outshine many a
    king's deeds, who has already been forgotten by the masses, who was
    glorified with bronze processional images of herself - to be portrayed like
    a brooding witch, reverting to black magic against arunmozhi varmar in sri
    BK's work. Please bear in mind that such powerful writing leaves a lasting
    impression - there are people who still keep asking for Sivagami n aayanar
    in ss and nandhini in ps. so the damage is permanent, such a character
    assassination is not in good spirit. you might have your visions and
    powerful forces, but when you wrongly portray a good person, without solid
    backing / evidence - then you must also have the maturity to accept
  • Dear All

    I too agree with Mr. VJK. I read 345+ Historical novels including BK novels. Hence I am debating this from the readers point of view.

    The plot what he has taken in Udayar is ok but when writting the historical novel, the writter must carefully written which should not damage the originality of the character. His views will not be acceptable as a "HISTORICAL NOVEL LOVER" point of view.

    Even his KADIGAI which is telling about Adhithya Karikalan murder which is not acceptable. He described the murderer are Brahimin community from Kerala. Every one has accepted that Adhithan had done wrong and he has not followed the rules of War and it is a punishable activity. But he was murdered by Brahmin community what ever the part of the India is not acceptable.

    You can say it is a different view of BK but not convincing one for the readers. It is not a social novel what ever you imagine.
  • Dear Friends,
    I am also one of the persons who stopped reading Udayar midway mainly because of the characterization of Sembian Madhevi. This I say, only from my point of view as a historical novel reader. I just couldn't accept her being portrayed as an evil character.
  • @Vijay
    I was also shocked to read such a negative portrayal of Sembianmadevi
    and wondered whether he had come across any info in support of his
    theory. It is a bitter pill and definitely not swallowable. As killers
    of Karikalan were not only, not punished but allowed to occupy high
    positions during Uthama's rule for close to ten years was used by him
    for such portrayal. But Arulmozhi acted swiftly when he had definite
    proof; he made Uthama to relinquish the throne or face trial and
    punished all the culprits by seizing their property and wholesale
    banishment. (As per the novel). His treatment of Sembianmadevi
    definitely leaves a bad taste. Excepting that, I have found that other
    characters are treated fairly, though reading through the novel is not a
    breeze; one has to work hard, and skip many pages.
  • dear sampath sir

    as per new reading of the udayarkudi inscription by dr Kudavoil, its seems
    the 986 inscription refers to a land sale and the while its title deed is
    been listed, it says these lands were confiscated from the traitors - could
    refer to a past event. so the theory that uttama let them go free and Amv
    went after them post his coronation post 985 AD is under question
  • Why Uttama was made to abdicate? As per the novel, he was threatened
    with exposure and trial by AMV. Did he step down voluntarily? Will
    appreciate if you can share any info you have on this transition. I
    agree with you; portrayal of Sembianmadevi as an evil and scheming woman
    takes away all the merits of this novel.
  • Dear Friends,

    Definitely, like others, Bala Sir would have done a comprehensive
    research before writing this novel. I consider, Udayar is one of the
    best historical novel written.

    Basically, you can find the author's touch is present in any novel they
    wrote. In the same manner, Udayar is Rajaraja history written in Bala
    Sir Style. Had this been written by Chantilyan, perhaps he may have
    added more Srungara rasam to this subject. Since he has included more
    Srungara rasam in his historical novels, would you say all Chantilyan
    novels are not qualified to be historical novels.
    For me, Vikraman's Nanthipurathu Nayaki was very boring..

    I have read Udayar 7 times (more than Ponniyin Selvan which is 5 times)
    and in my view, Bala Sir portrayed Rajaraja as a multi faceted human - a
    noble king who would seek support from each community to build the
    temple, as a father who cares for his son, daughter, as a caring

    I think, when reading a historical novel, we should try to understand
    what was there in the author's mind - only then we can appreciate their
  • Prasanna,

    Comments for this view of yours will come later.

    I would be happy if you remove the complete signature which you have in your
    mail. I guess only the salary account number and the atm pin are missing.

    Jokes apart, our mails are available in the web and so anyone will have
    access to all your personal information. Please remove the signature when
    you post to our group.

    Now its open to the Historians / Kalvetti Specialist to throw more light on
    what Prasanna says about Udayar and BK's research on the same.

    Start Music

    ~ Udankar
  • There is a Historic novel by Bala called Nanda vilakku. It is not celebrated as much as Udaiyar and the rest. But in my opinion it is one of his very best.
  • Dear Gokul sir

    I am searching for the book. Not available. If you have a copy, please inform me or the publisher address sir.
  • Sundar Krishnan,

    You have told

    " Every one has accepted that Adhithan had done wrong and he has not
    followed the rules of War and it is a punishable activity " ....

    I like to know which action do you refer as the wrong & punishable activity.
    Are you referring to displaying the head of veerapandian ( in pike ) at the thanjavur fort ?
    Can you throw some light on it ?

  • I have it in India. I will somehow get it to you. what I have is a pocket novel form.
  • Hi.
    For me, Ponniyin Selvan remains the ever consummate Tamil epic.

    I have read it many times and I have also read the “claimed” sequels i.e. Nandipurathu Nayagi, Udaiyar and Kaaviri Mainthan. I have read them once and to date I do not have the urge to go back to them. I must confess that I feel that they do not stand up to the standards set in PS and as such I personally do not consider them as “sequels”, but just as additional novels centred around the great Raja Rajan. However, I did feel irked by slight marginalization of Raja Rajan in the other novels. In the magnum opus that PS is, I always felt that Raja Rajan was the demigod in the centre of the universe.  The others tended to treat him more as as a mortal.
    PS had a stylized narration with the right mix of history, romance and mystery and a fantastic ending, which leaves one with a yearning for more… and alas, the waiting and yearning continues!!!!
    I was in Chennai a couple of months ago and I chanced upon a book shop which had the new version of PS on display. I could not bear to see the great RRC “unattended” that I bought the set, though I already have an older version at home.
    So much, for the love of PS, in a romanticist like me.
    My personal two cents worth.Regards.
  • hi

    marginalisation - we had discussed this earlier too - the events that
    occurred in PS period, there is absolutely no record of RRC - except for
    what we know of his post his coronation in 985 AD. so as a writer you have
    tremendous scope ...

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