• SPS,

    Where is the seductive beauty of Nandhini in Reema Sen?

    ~ Udanx
  • Whom do you recommend dear Udanx ?

  • All time favorite would be Vyjayanthimala Bali.

    She was beautiful and she can be the bad woman as well.

    Current generation .. Hmm well ...

    ~ Udanx
  • Udanx

    All time favorite would actually be TR Rajakumari...Vaijeyanthi can be mean but still has a childish innocent eyes....Those who have seen Manohara will understand TR Rajakumari's impact


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    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

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  • I can recite all scenes of Manoharaa and no doubt she is THE BAD WOMAN no
    doubt about that. But The beauty which Kalki tries to bring out of Nandhini
    is just not there - This is my opinion.

    ~ Udanx
  • Hi,

    It was an impressive line-up of stars all the way..

    I wanna concentrate more on male characters.

    Ponniyin selvan: Arya or Ajith(my first choice for this character ll always
    be Kamalhassan)

    Vandhiyathevan: Suriya all the way(even maddy can opt this role
    also..rememeber he is a guy who can do alaipauthey and azhutha ezhuthu) or

    Karikalan: Vikram or karthi (my first choice is none other then Superstar
    Rajnikanth he is the best negative shaded hero)

    P. Pazhuvettaraiyar - Sathyaraj or i like Salim ghouse in this character
    very much.

    C.Pazhuvettaraiyar - Prakashraj or Napolean or old karthik(the best guy)

    Kandhamaaran - vishal

    Senthan Amudhan - jai(though his language have some issues i feel he is
    better for this role)

    Madhuranthakar- Vishal or goa sampath ( again a guy with no heroics but
    inside he is a villian character)

    Aazhwarkadiyan - I need Nazurudeen shah here.I can't imagine anyone else for
    my favourite character.

    Sundara cholan - Telugu actor krishna or K.viswanath
  • Hi,

    If you people allow me...I want to think PS to be taken as a movie in
    hollywood..not because of this thread...I always dremat in that way only...I
    can see only that way it is possible.

    so our PS but foreign characters:

    Ponniyin selvan: Christian bale or leonardo di caprio

    vandhiyathevan: Tom hanks or Nicholas Cage

    Karikalan: bruce willis or matt damon

    P. Pazhuvettaraiyar : Jack nicholson or morgon freeman

    C.Pazhuvettaraiyar : Daniel craig

    Kandhamaaran : Ashton kutcher or bradley cooper

    sethan amudan: Tobey Maguire

    Madhuranthakar: tom cruise or john travalto

    Aazhwarkadiyan : ben kingsley

    sundara cholan: sean connery

    These are my hollywood entries...If you like or dislike reply back.
  • Nandhini and oomai rani should resemble each other.. bcoz Sundara cholan
    gets confusion with this resemblence only..
  • Now comes the tricky part... Will there be 2 diff ppl playing Mandhakini's
    Veerapandiyan and Adhithan's Veerapandiyan or will they be the same person

    Think.. Think...
  • Dear please confirm
    Vadivelu for Pinagapani or vivek
  • Permit me to sing a different tune.
    I have read that Kalki and Manian spent lot of time discussing the
    pictures of all characters and the sketches were finalised after several
    reruns. Kalki has defined the features of the major characters in
    detail; so the characters have to fit descriptions given in the novel by
    Kalki. For e.g. Azhwarkadian was short, plump and stocky - so Jairam
    will not be the right fit. Nandini's and Kundavai's features are
    explained vividly by Kalki. According to me, none of the existing
    popular actors (both sexes) will fit the bill. The casting director has
    to read Kalki and spread a wide net to catch new faces.Otherwise we will
    end up with Dharmi-nagesh like associations; Kalki's picturisations will
    be lost as the script/action/scenes will be altered to suit the image of
    the super heroes.

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