• Dear Friends,

    let us select the actors who are alive :: aishu venkat

    Fresh choices for 2010 - solicited !!


  • Nandini - Reema sen - she had already proved

    Kundavai - Aishwarya rai

    Vanathi - look for a new face

    Vandhiyathevan - as suggested Surya

    Aditya karikalan - Chiranjivi's son - Ramcharan

    Let us hear other options for other characters too.

  • Wow, this is definitely my favourite
    subject. Ever since reading Ponniyin Selvan, I’ve been hoping that this novel
    would be made into a film. And everytime I read this novel, the characters play
    in my mind and I keep putting a face to each of the characters. Here’s my list
    of actors I wish to play the roles in Ponniyin Selvan, should this novel be
    made into a film today.

    Vandhiyadhevan - Surya

    Arul Mozhi Varman - Karthi, Prasanna or
    Aadhi (Eeram fame)

    Adhitha Karikalan - Prithviraj / Vikram

    Kundavi - Asin, or Padmapriya

    Nandhini - Reema Sen or Nayanthara (Wish the film was
    really taken a few years ago- Ramya Krishnan would have excelled in this role)

    Poonkuzhali - Meera Jasmin, Pooja

    Vanadhi - Tamanna, Parvathi (Poo fame)

    Manimekalai - Anjali (Angadhi Theru)
    Rukimini (Bommalattam)

    P. Pazhuvettaraiyar - Sathyaraj or Napolean

    C.Pazhuvettaraiyar - Prakashraj

    Periya Sambuvaraiyar - Anandraj

    Kandhamaaran - Karan

    Senthan Amudhan - Siddharth or Barath

    Nakul or Navdeep

    Parthiban. Pallavan - Srikanth

    Aazhwarkadiyan - Jayram

    Sundara cholan - Sarath Babu

    Kudandhai josiyar - Charuhaasan

    Ravidasan - Sampath

    Oomai Raani - Rohini

    Sembian ma Devi- Revathi

    Anirutha Brahmaraayar- Prabhu or Visu

    Malayamaan - Radharavi
  • Hi,

    >>Aazhwarkadiyan - Jayram
    >>Kudandhai josiyar - Charuhaasan
    That was a wonderful choice... Imagining Jayaram in the costume of Azhwarkadiyan... Very nice...
  • hi,

    this casting is gud ... but, i like to make some changes to it.

    kundavi : Jothika ( how can we leave Jo , when surya is vandhiyadevan & also
    she looks refresh & young even after becoming of mother of two babies )

    sundara cholan : sivakumar ( i think he fits better than sarath babu )

    Poonkuzhali -
    priyamani ( rough & tough )

    manimekalai : sneha ( dusky beauty )

    madhuranthakan : ajith or abbas ( both madhu & adithya are of same age , hence when adithya is vikram , then nakul or navdeep looks too young for madhuranthakan )

    malayaman : nattamai vijaya kumar

    Kodumbalur Vikrama Poodhi Kesari : radha ravi

    your choice of jayaram ( thirumalai ) & Charuhaasan ( jothidar ) was really gud.

  • Even now, Ramya Krishnan suits best for Nandhini.

    Kalavathi Senguttuvan
  • Possible too...but I believe, Nanthini is a young seductress who can be alluring and wicked at the same time and Ramya Krishnan, though is capable of bringing out these characteristics majestically, it is doubtful that people will want to see her donning such a role in 2010. Certainly after watching her performing as a dotting mother and sister roles , (both in big and small screens) it would be hard to accept her in a role such as of Nanthini's.
  • I agree with your choices.

    Jyothika would have been wonderful as Kundavai but since she's stopped acting after her marriage, I failed to take consideration of her. My mistake, but you're right. She would have been wonderful as Kundavai. (Ironically, her name in Sillunu Oru Kadhal was Kundavai too ;) )

    Sivakumar would have been wonderful as Sundara Cholan but since Sundara Cholan was predicted as a weak person (being powerless, bed-ridden and all), I suppose his character wouldn't have carried great weight on screen. That's the reason why I chose Sarath Babu. Sivakumar with his great acting talents would have been wasted should this novel be screened.

    Priyamani has never crossed my mind, but looking at her name now, I believe that she would have been the best choice for Poonkuzhali. Thanks for reminding me of her.

    In the case of Madhuranthakar and Manimegalai, both these characters are given more importance only towards the climax. Hence, I didn't chose big stars for both these characters. To be frank, I totally forgot that Madhu and Aditya are of the same age. When I think of Madhuranthakar, I always remember how he was depicted as more of a docile and rather feminine in character. That's the reason why I chose someone young and smaller built, who would probably fit in the character.

    How can I forget Vijaya Kumar? Yes, he would have great as Malayaman, someone who's caring and loving but bursts into flames the moment he heard about his grandson's untimely death.
  • Dear
    Can we give Pinagapani character to vadivelu or vivek?
  • dear All,

    We have very many achieved artist dancers and actors. South India our home must be very happy and the world very blessed too.I find the last few days postings,very amusing and interesting too, is it all just a dream or some producer will buy our ideas and thoughts to make it a reality by producing eventually such a film to treat our eyes and ears, it will all be so nice to see historical movies remade with all the essence in it, may be all of you experts will contribute to help novice and layman like me and millions of us enjoy reliving history. please keep me posted since I live too far away and will like to take note and keep on my list to do when at home to see one or two such movies too and to participate in one of your well organised and guided tours too.

    thanks for bearing with me,
  • Will the movie version have any flash back on Nandini ( or will have only narration)

    Then who will play Veera pandian?

    I will vote for Rajini. ( Next choice is the Guy who acted villain in Mahadeera)
  • Why nor Sneha for Nandhini...more expressive...and can play negative charectors as well after Goa!!


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