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  • Dear Friends,

    In bangalore we ( myself and my friends ( who became fans of chola kingdom after seeing big temple in thanjavur) and when i told them the story of ponniyin selvan) and we started to collect the information and books regarding the chola kingdom, in the mean while need ur help regarding some books names as no where we can find the same in Bangalore and we dont get that much of info abt the new book releases in tamil nadu, last month we went to salem and searched for tamil historical books for more than 2 hrs and finally found an shop and saw some collections, So we believe chennai is the place for the same so have planned to visit there by 6th june ( am sorry i cannot attend 19th progam as i have to attend my friends marriage in thanjavur).

    1. Karikalaperuvalathan - We read yavana rani book, and pls advise if there is any more book avbl.

    2. Vijayala cholan - We read mohana silai, Pls advise if there is any more book abl.

    3. Adithiya karikalan ( son of Vijayala cholan) - We read chozha naatin sorriyan and chola ilavarasan kanavu, Pls advise if there is any more book avbl.

    4. Raja raja cholan - We read ponniyin selvan, kaveri maindhan, raja kesari, raja rajan sabatham, pls advise if there is any more book avbl.

    5. Kulothunga Cholan - We read kadal pura, and kulothungan sabatham, Pls advise if there is any more book avbl

    a cholan, Pls advise if thre is any book avbl regarding this king.

    7. Did any one had a chance to read the Sarithira kadhaighal all 4 parts by Gouthama Neelambaran, i just got part 4 and read the book chozha vengai and it was really good. Does all the other 3 parts have the stories of any chozha kingdom too?

    8. I read Rajakesari book by Mr. Gokul Seshadri, Pls advise his book Paisasam is about which kingdom? and which king? Bcoz came to know from friends that it is an excellent novel,

    I know that i had asked lot of questions, and it would be really annoying for the members.

    So am asking for everyones forgiveness and requesting all to kindly give their replies as i dont have any other source in bangalore.
  • Dear Rahul

    All of your questions are very relevant in our group - so pl feel free to ask more and more questions!

    Our member Sundar is the best person to advise you on some of the historic novels you have asked for. Pl consider reading 'The Cholas' by Nilakanta sastri (Madras univ pub).

    Reg my book Paisaasam (Thanks for the complements by the way) - it is available in Palaniappa Brothers. (address below). It happens in pandiyan kingdom but it does not involve any king. It portrays the lives of common people in a small village in Pandinadu and a curious indecent involving 'ghosts' from the past!

    Palaniappa Bros
    No 25 Peters Road Royapettah Chennai
    Ph 28132863
  • Hi Gokul

    When can we get the Cherar Kottai as book format.

    (BTW, for both the novels Kanthalur Vasantha Kumaran and Cherar Kottai ends suddenly and both are having the backdrop of Kandalur victory of Cholas)

    R. Srinivasa Varadharajan
  • Dear Rahul Dev,

    Amazing. Gokul is correct.

    pls do share more.

    missed to take note earlier.

    rgds / sps
  • Dear Mr. Gokul,

    Thanx for the clarification, and i had made a note of the same to buy the book by Neelakanta Shasthrighal, I hope Mr. Sundar would revert back once he is free.

    Thanx a lot for the appreciation.
  • It almost seems that some chera soldier has cursed those who attempt to write about Kanthaloor:-))

    Balakumaran and Dr Poovannan luckily escaped out. Also Dr MGS Narayanan seems to have freed himself from the curse...

    Just joking man...
  • Hi

    Please contact me 9382313749. I had a collection of 525 historical novels. In case if you have a time, please plan for a visit to Chennai. You can see all the books in one shot.
  • Hi

    The following novels are also writen based on chola:

    0.1 Adhitha karikalan Kolai - Kovi
    0.2 Karikalan Kanavu - Aikan
    0.3 Vengaiyin Maindhan - Akilan
    0.4 Kaviriyin Maindhan - Anusha
    0.5 Kadigai - Balakumaran - (chola as villan)
    0.6 Kaviri cholan - Dayanandam
    0.7 Vengai Vijayam - Gowthama neelambaran
    0.8 Chola madhevi - ilangavin
    0.9 cholar kula chelvi - Ilangavin
    0.10 Komagal Kovalai - Jegasirpiyan
    0.11 Madhuranthagi - jegasirpiyan
    0.12 Santhana Thilagam - Jegasirpiyan
    0.13 Chola Nagam - Jayanthi Rajan
    0.14 Madhuranthagi - Kabilan.V
    0.15 Maravan Magal - Kabilan.V.
    0.16 Peruthurai Nayagan - Kabilan.V
    0.17 Ravikula Thilagan - Kalki Rajendran
    0.18 Madhura valli - Kamalapriya
    0.19 Ayiram Theevu Angayarkanni - Kannadasan
    0.20 Mannar Mannan - Kavi azhagan
    0.21 Chola Deepam - Kovi
    0.22 Manbu Migu Muthalamachar - Kovi
    0.23 Raja Ragam - Kovi
    0.24 Sembiyan Selvi - Kovi
    0.25 Cholar Kula Ponmalargal - Kulasekaran .S
    0.26 Ambalavan Pazhuvur Nakkan - Kulasekaran .S
    0.27 Kannip paavai - Lakshmanan
    0.28 Paavai Mandram - Lakshmanan
    0.29 poonthurai Nayagam - Lakshmi Narayanan
    0.30 Vijaya Nandhini - Lakshmi Narayanan
    0.31 Thiruma Valavan - Madhavan
    0.32 Vijayalayan - Madhavan
    0.33 Manjal Maligai - Madhura
    0.34 Manjal Pura - Madhura
    0.35 Sembiyan Selvan - Mayilvaganan
    0.36 Chola Nila - Metha
    0.37 Maguda Nila - Metha
    0.38 Kaviri Nadan - Mukilan
    0.39 Salukkiyan Sabatham - Mukilan
    0.40 Chola Kula Valli - P. Nedumaran
    0.41 Kundhavaiyin Kanavu - Pagai Nadan
    0.42 Veeramadhevi - Pagai Nadan
    0.43 Kandha Kumaran - Pandian.K
    0.44 Mannan Thirumagal - Perumal T.P
    0.45 Thamizhukku Thannaiye Thandhavan - Perumal T.P
    0.46 Kandarathithan Kadhal - Poovannan
    0.47 Kandhaloor Salai - Poovannan
    0.48 Chola Rani - Rajaguru
    0.49 Mamannan Ula - Rajaguru
    0.50 Adhithan Kadhal - R.V.
    0.51 Sembiyan Thamizhvel - Senthamizhsei
    0.52 Chola Vengaigal - sindhubath
    0.53 Vennilavu Pennarasi - Somu
    0.54 Sembiyar Kone - Stalin
    0.55 Isai OOnjal - P. Subramaniyam
    0.56 Kandhalur Vasantha Kumaran Kadhai - Sujatha
    0.57 Andhapuram - Thamarai Manalan
    0.58 Indira Vizha - Thamarai Manalan
    0.59 Chola Kulanthagan - Udhayanan
    0.60 Sembiyar Thilagam - Vadivelu
    0.61 Kalinga Nila - Vaidhiya Nadhan
    0.62 Vengaiyin Peyaran - vaikuzhal Vendhan
    0.63 Kopperunchingan Kanavu - velmurugan
    0.64 Kural Kanda Cholan - Vetrichelvan
    0.65 Chola Magudam - Vikraman
    0.66 Gangapuri Kavalan - Vikraman
    0.67 Mangalathevan Val - Vikraman
    0.68 Nandhipurathu Nayagi - Vikraman
    0.69 Paranthagan Magal - Vikraman
    0.70 Raja Rajan Sabatham - Vikraman
    0.71 Rajathithan Sabatham - Vikraman
    0.72 Vandhiyathevan Vaal - Vikraman
    0.73 Indira Dhanuzu - Vishvaksenan
    0.74 Adhiyarai Nangai - Vivekanandhan
    0.75 Oviyath Devi - Vivekanandhan
  • Dear Sir,
    That was great! How did you manage to get all the books and read! Truly inspiring... Thank you very much!
    In your list, I have read only 4 of them :-(((((
  • Dear Sundarji,

    Since this is a public forum open to all, request you to remove personal details like phone numbers to avoid problems. You can communicate those details through private mails.
  • Dear members
    All of us should be very thankful to sundarji for his excellent efforts/ servicein collecting various inforamtion about historical novels and willing to share with others even by giving his personnel phone number, not considering the difficulty in attending the calls. Hats off sundar ji. Many dont know the real service he is doing.
    A great service sundear ji. Easunum, Easunidam serntha Kalki ponRa sariththira naalval aasiriyarkaLum thankalai enRum vaazththuvaarkaL.
  • Dear Sir

    Thanks for your input. My phone no is already in the files folder. Also I am a member for the last 4 years and knows the rules of this fourm.

    I am welcoming the call related to Historical Books and I am not feeling that it is a problem.
  • Dear Sir

    Thank you for your wishes sir. Like you, Anusha, Thivagar, Gokul, Vishvak and SPS encouragement, I hope I will collect more books. I have not added your new book in this list. Once released, I will add the same.
  • Really amazing sir. How did u collect all these books?.Please suggest us which books are most interested to read
  • Dear Madam

    Collection of books - It is a painful experience. Most of the novels are out of stock. I am collecting through Private Lending Libraries and directly approaching the writers. Also preserving the books is next important task and expensive.

    Interesting novels - Mostly Kovi, Jegasipiyan, RV, Vikraman, Anusha, Vishvak, Mukilan, Akilan, Na.Pa, Thivagar and Gokuls novels are good and interesting to read apart from Kalki.

    Thanks and regards.

    K. Sundar
  • Hi

    Two more novels.

    0.76 Maguda vairam - Vishvak
    0.77 Pandiyan Magal - Vishvak.
  • Dear Sundar,

    It's really Amazing work... No words to appreciate. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks & Warm Regards,

    Will collect these books when I visit Oppili within a week or so.

    Thanks dear Sundar Krishnan - for including.

    Dear Friends,

    Viswaksenan - associated with Kalki Magazine for the past 3 decades is our respected member.

    rgds / sps
  • Dear Sundar

    Appreciate your enthusiasm but as Mouli said there are many other forms of misuse happening and since our messages are now published on the net it will reach Internet without restriction. You might receive nonsense sms and you cannot stop them at all.

    Putting your no within files section is not an issue (access restricted).

    > Thanks for your input. My phone no is already in the files folder.
  • Hi Sunder,
    I would like to know the nature of these novels. Are these pure fiction or pure history? My interest is more in pure history with facts and proofs, so I would like to know the nature of these novels.
  • Dear Rahul Dev,
    Yes, we do have a problem as for a new books are concerned.  But for old books "Bangalore Tamil Sangam" has a very good collection.  They had a very good library (note the past-tense). 
    When we were studying (that was quite some years back) our college St.Joseph's Arts and Science College was the source of Tamil books.  The library had all tamil books you could name.
    You can still walk into Bangalore Tamil Sangam enrole as a library member, and look for all the books you want.
  • Dear Saurabh saxena

    Thanks for your mail. In fact all historical novels are based on some Truth / findings. It may be 5% to 10% history collected by copper plate / Historical PHD white papers etc. Then the writer collect all the information. It is not easy job to write a historical novel. Very very painful and expensive too. It will take minimum period of even one year to collect the information. So it is not a pure history.
  • Dear SPS Sir
    You are always welcome. Please remember your word of having food with me in my home. More than that it  is going to be my pleasure. Welcome.

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