• IT APPEARS FROM NEXT THAI (Tamil month) (JANUARY 15th or so)WE

    SHOULD HAVE TAMIL PANCHANGAM - Coinciding with Thai first as

    beginning of Tamil new year.


  • IT APPEARS FROM NEXT THAI (Tamil month) (JANUARY 15th or so)WE

    SHOULD HAVE TAMIL PANCHANGAM - Coinciding with Thai first as

    beginning of Tamil new year.


    It is true.  I was in Bhavani last  Sunday attending "Theiva Tamil maanadu". One of the guest speaker was Tamil velvi chadurar "Sathyavel Muruganar".  He mentioned that he busy preparing a Tamil panchangam under instructions from TN Chief Minister.   He also mentioned that it should be ready and out very shortly.
  • Hi:

    Millions and millions of people are following the age old traditional panchangam for the last several years.
    Tamil New Year is also celelbrated in large scale only on 14th April by most of the people in Tamilnadu.
    It is very silly on the part of the Chief Minister to act again and again against the interests of the general
    public at large and earn the wrath of Hindus for such childish decisions considering his age and knowledge.

  • IN ANY PANCHANGAM (under circulation now),

    KOLLAM YEAR etc.,



    Dear V Gopalji,

    Pls CLARIFY this QUERY straight ::

    Vibhava ..

    What these terms have got to do with TAMIL NEW YEAR ?


  • Respected Sir:

    I need not tell you that from the pages of history, we find that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages
    and almost all the studies of nature and science were in Sanskrit only if I am not wrong. When we can
    accept English and Hindi, why not Sanksrit, which, after all, is the mother of all Indian languages ?
    You are pointing out that the denotion is necessary. However, my simple poser to learned people like you, is
    what is the need for such changes now when people, who claim to be guardians of Tamil, are not even
    able to spell or write in good Tamil , leave alone the way how Tamil is treated in the media ! Why embargos
    should be promulgated in temples on this particular issue much against the wishes of people after all
    these years? Which mandate gave this super power to suppress the age-old belief of public ? Is it fair
    on the part of any democratically elected (!) govt ? Are we living under any dictatorship ?

  • Respected Gopalji,

    My mail was intended to focus on the single issue ::

    For a Tamil New year - is it not apporpriate to have
    a Tamil name - than Prabava - Vibhava.. ?

    The obvious answer need to be : YES.

    That subject gets terminated there.

    Re other issues in your mail - You and I know we cannot discuss much here.

    Now let us FOCUS again on other details like ::

    1. since when - this Prabava - Vibhava nomenclatures commenced ?

    2. How did ancient Kings calculate the Tamil New year ?

    3. Why is the TN Government decided to shift commencement to Thai first instead of traditional Chithirai first ?

    4. This practice of Chithirai first - Tamil month - is it lasted from time immemorial or was it changed from Thai First - at some point.

    Details related to these - more of clarifying in nature - will be helpful in enlightening ourselves.

    regards/ sps

  • A couple of articles on this subject that appeared in Tamilhindu.com in

    Thaiyil Puthandu - Tamil Marabanru by Oogai Natarajan

    Chitirayil Thodangum puthu varudam - part 1
    Chitirayil thodangum puthu varudam - Part 2
    by our member Jayashree Saranathan.
  • Dear Friends,

    One of our respected members forwarded this link.


    our most respected REACH - EPIGRAPHY S.RAMACHANDRAN has written this Article.

    Very timely post.

    I have gone through this before putting here ::

    The Query as to why "Prabhava " " Vibhava " denote TAMIL NEW YEAR still appears to remain unanswered .. !!

    The focus is on ::

    Whether UTHIRAYANAM - Makara Sankaranthi - need to be considered as commencing year or

    or CHITHIRAI need to be considered has been discussed w.r.t. chola inscriptions - particularly one w.r.t. Tiruvalanchuzhi.

    We can enlist several inscriptions - more from Uthama / Thiruvisalur where SANKARANTHI is given so much of importance.

    Since the Years were calculated based on ascendancy date of a King, may be the thrust was NOT there on 1st THAI or 1st CHITHIRAI.

    This also unfolds other point of view ::

    Whether SOLAR CALENDER ?


    let us await more views too.

    Then will try to get some scholarly views for our Group.

    Hope this subject also figures in the Chemmozhi manadu discussions.

    anbudan / sps

    Dear Satish,

    yet to read the links you posted. will revert again on these too.

    Hope you have taken note of Dhenupureeswarar temple prgm by Mr. Pradeep.

    rgds / sps

  • There is a ritual associated with agnihotram- Agrahayani.  The one that is associated with new year and  falls in Margazhi. ( closer to Thai of Lunar calender and to be precise close to 1st January)
    Deivathinkural II volume.
    This is just for an additional info.
  • Relevance of Prabhava, Vibhava in tamil panchangam?
    same relevance as Aswini, Bharani, Krithigai. - Havent we accepted this all along from Sangm age? The names of stars are the same across the country.
    Chithirai - Pournami on Chithurai
    Vaiksasi - Pournami on Visakam
    and so on
    Intrestingly - Thai is - Pournami on Poosam -Poosam iscalled Thishyam in older sanskrit texts. ( Ramayana - Sundarakandam). Tamil had accepted Thai from Thishyam.
    Hence - There is no issue in accepting the year names.
    One India- One Culture
    Are we going to change everything. But many things what we call as exclusive Tamil - either Pongal festival or Idli are not of Tamil origin.
  • Correct Sir, we need Tamil translation and I agree with you. As you suggested, we need not
    discuss other things. As you have rightly said, we have to have Tamil names which we can understand!

    With respects,

  • Dear members,
    Recently  copper plates were found near mayavaram wherein valuable information of the chola dyanasty is likely to be available.
    In this connection, the members may inform how the letters in the copper plates are engraved or written.
    What was the technique might have adopted in the olden days to write in copper plates.
    Whether all the documents executed those days are written in the copper plates? or only very important documents were recorded?
    SPS you may help to clarify these doubts 
  • This the most appropriate solution.. get a proper translation of the names to Tamil and leave the choice of usage to the individuals.
    Regards, Nimalan.

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