Early cholas : Mathematics reconstructs chronology
  • Hi all
    This is the title of the book by Kudanthai N.Sethuraman in which I
    lost myself most of last night.

    Extremely good book - something not to be missed. Startling
    revelations based on astronomical data found in inscriptions.

    - Sundara came to power in 960 AD and on the same year he makes
    aditya II prince

    - Uttama was a well grown up lad with 2 wives(one was meenavan
    mahadevi - which may mean he married a pandiya princess of some
    clan) even when this happened. (960 AD)

    AD !
    Excellent research based on thirunallam records. The
    term "Merkezhundharuliya devar" does not mean he is dead ! When a
    person is dead the term is "thunjiya" (one who has slept)

    - aatrur thunjiya thevar (arinjaya)
    - Pon maligai thunjiya thevar (sundara)

    It simply means he went towords western side of chola kingdom and
    probably lived in those areas...The great saint does not involve
    himself in any politics. what a man !

    - Uttama and sundara continue to rule for 2 years (around 671).
    Apprenticeship. By this time uttama is reasonably old - older than
    arumozhi atleast by 10 years in my opinion.

    - It is uttama who makes arumozhi a prince in 685 AD - gives
    apprenticeship for 2 years and makes him a king.

    - The deep respect rajaraja had for uttama throughout his life is
    brought out very well.

    - He argues againt sastry's theory that uttama had a hand in aditya
    murder. With due respect to sastry - he expresses his difference of

    Separate chapter on udaiyargudi inscription, date of veera pandiya,
    association of rashtra kuta king krishna and cholas (he is NOT an
    enemy as proposed in PS), the love of rajaraja towords lord rama and
    the association of star punarvasu in his life.....

    don't miss it.

    The other 2 books by the same author are:

    Early pandiyas : Mathematics reconstructs the chronology
    Cholas : Mathematics reconstructs the chronology

    I really lose myself in front of this great historian.
  • Can you kindly write the name of the publisher (of all his books) and
  • I believe the initial books were published by the author himself.
    Will find the address from the book and let you know. But currently,
    the author is nomore and I believe some of his books are being
    published by one sekar pathippagam in madras. Not sure if I have
    this publisher's address - should find out.
  • Dear,

    Like Dr. Kkvn is conducting research thro' RMVAM, Dr. Sethuraman had
    his Historical research Centre stationed in Govindapuram. Sethuraman
    was one of the two Directors of Raman & Raman. He was a business
    giant - next to TVS & Pollachi NM (Periavar) - in Bus Industry. He
    passed away in the 80s. His wife Mrs. Lalitha is running the business
    and helping research scholars. Office Address:

    Raman & Raman, Pidari koil Steet, Kumbakonam, Tanjore Dist. Tamilnadu

    They do not easily sell the books. If we write to them indicating
    our interest they may get back to us. Price varies. I paid about
    Rs. 1000 for 3 books.

    He has Published one Aruludai Chozha Mandalam - based on Kakkapujanda
    Naadi jothidam... It brought out Nallur Kali - Ammankudi Durgai. It
    says lots of Chalukya armouries are hidden in Thiruvalanchuzhi. It
    says Sethuraman was one of the Ministers of Rajaraja II; Dr.
    Nagaswamy was his contemporary. Hon'ble Dutto Samuel (Malaysian
    Minister) is RR II....

    He has also written that RR ascended to throne on Aadi (Karkadaga)
    Punarvasu! We treat Aadi - Tamil month - as inauspicious!

    Panchavanmadevi & RR - both were born on the same Sadhayam star!
    Rajendra : Thiruvadhirai. Kalki talks so much about Thiruvaiyaru
    Kalisakkatchi in the last few chapters of PS celebrated on this day.

    Incidentally I read in one of the mails re: Siruthondar.

    Today (Wed) Siruthondar festival begins in Thiruchengottangudi -
    where we have Vaadhabi Ganapthy - brought and installed by our
    revered Commander-in-chief Paranjothi (of SS) who later turned

    Fondly, SB
  • Book sounds interesting... But just curious Gokul, (Mathematics is
    not my forte).. are these typos? The 6s read as 9s, right?
  • You are right ! Kandarathitha's year should be 974 and uttama's rule
    should be 971


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