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  • Hi,
    I have recently joined this group. I heard about this 'Ponni' word from some of my acquaintances however did not know that it there was a group with this name. Anyhow I got the reference of this group in one of the blog and thought to join this. Some of my acquaintances are here in this group already, I hope they recognize me here :).
    I am located in Bangalore, and quite interested in Indian art and architecture. I learnt that this group is dedicated to Chola history and Tamil Sangam literature, however I think the members do not mind discussing heritage located out of Tamilnadu.
    I will surely include myself in your discussion and enhance my knowledge from this.

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    Can some of you tell me what is the meaning of Ponniyin Selvan (PSVP), as I do not understand Tamil.
  • Welcome, Saurabh. You've come to the right place.
    Nice people welcomed me.
  • welcome saurabh, your collections on picasa are fantastic

    respected member Katherine (USA) -
    Vijay ( with his popular poetry in stone)

    have been contributing a lot by way of photos to our Group.

    You are another asset.

    thanks for chosing to be with us.

    warm rgds / sps

    Re PONNI - the meaning is Cauvery.

    The River which is born on Thalaikkaveri (Madigeri side) and flows into the entire width of Tamilnadu !!

    we will discuss more on this again soon.


  • Addition to SPS sir

    (Ponni refers to River Cauvery) and "Selvan" means "son". The Chola King Rajaraja the Great, is referred as "ponniyen selven" ie., son of river cauvery. This is the story line by which the great tamil author, Mr. "Kalki" Krishnamurthy has carved a great story (epic) with his writing skills.

    we are all the admirers of this great epic. So we called our group as PS Group.

    Most welcome Mr.Saxena.

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