Need tamil historical books one stop to shop!
  • Hello All,

    Am from bangalore but an native of thanjavur, I need ur valuable help on finding out one store to buy tamil historical books, I tried in higgin bothams bangalore but they got less than 5 books, So the only solution is to buy from chennai, So could u pls guide me where to buy books as writing to publications and getting books are too costly ( as i have to take seperate dd even for 200 Rs and then send to them), So pls help me out on this.
  • greetings to all,
     mr. rahul, you pls take a glance on  this shop have many historical books. but cant sure that they have all the books. any how take a glance on this.

      thanking you.
  • Hi Rahul,

    You can get from New Book Lands- T.Nagar, NARMADHA Pathipagam, Thirumagal nilayam - T.Nagar etc

  • Dear RAhul

    Please contact Mr. Srinivasan new book lands at T.Nagar chennai and give your list of books wanted. He will courier the same to you.

    His contact no is: 28158171 or 28158172
    The website is:
  • Dear members,
    We are not having any special stall or store which sells historical novels only. or at least great emphasis could be given to historical novels. Many feels difficulties to get historical novels by going here and there.
    Any body from our group or our group may initiate to develop or establish a store for selling historical novels alone.

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