Sri Krishnadevaraya
  • Very intresting satish

    There is a image of krishnadevaraya with his wives in Tirumala. This was made by his wife Tirumaladevi and offered to the temple during one of the royal visits of Krishnadevaraya to Tirumala. ( On seeing the face , i feel he had offered his hair and moustache at tirumala - a guess only) His brother who succeeded him and raja todarmal also have offered their statue to the temple.

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  • Today's Hindu had the painting which is supposed to be that of KDR. In that
    painting, he has a long mush and a turban like 'kreedam'. may be, since
    this statue is also authentic, we can guess he gave his hair and mush to the
    temple (ok. do we have the record of when the practice of giving hair to
    temples started).

    Sankar - you once mentioned about the 'kadaparai' at the tirumala temple
    entrance and said you will write about it. When I visited Tirumala last Jan,
    then only i saw that for the first time. I think earlier there was no
    special board for this and hence people could have missed. But now it has a
    prominent board. Whats the significance?

    While talking about KDR, its painful to note that, in TN there is not even a
    mention of this historic event. Karnataka and Andhra are celebrating in a
    big way and TN was also under vijayanagar empire for a long time and without
    their contribution we would not have even what we have today. Its a
    consoling thing note atleast an editorial about this great emperor in two months back.
  • This Gadapparai is related to the Ilamkoil.

    i will write this within a week

    Krishnadevaraya with his Devis Bronze/s are in worshipping nature just in front of Main Entrance (from Twajasthamabam) at the Tirumala hills Sri Balaji Temple.

    Need these photos.

    If already available pls mail.

    Dear Thiru,

    KDR small sculpture was found and identified by Dr. Nagaswamy and photogrpahed and published by FrontLine Subramanian and reported in our Group too (by Vijay I recall).

    Pls group these mails if possible so that it will be easier to link them.

    regards / sps



    regards / sps
  • Mind your language

    'only now' is the right expresion, and not "now only" is incorrect.

  • Dear Sir,

    Even if you are right,


    is not considered the right expression.

    regards / sps

  • Who cares? are we correcting each other's grammar?
    We are most comfortable in different languages, cut ea other
    some slack, please.
  • Are you talking about the gadapparai kept at the entrance? it is that of Sri Anantazhvan - one of the primary disciples of Saint Ramanuja. He hits a young man with this kadapparai - eventually to find that it was the lord himself.

  • I will tell the story in quickly.

    People started worshipping the lord at Ilamkovil ( as it was difficult to reach tirumala for public in those days. the idol used seems be the one given by samavai for procession. Next time i will somehow enter the temple and check whether any moolavar in the temple)

    Sri ramanuja felt that proper worship was not done in Tirumala as it was very difficult to stay there. people do most at the ilamkovil itself and it was not acceptable for him.he sent his close relative ( i am using the term relative to highlight that he gave the toughest job for a relative to set an example to others.)

    Anandalwan while leaving for Tirumal a to eatablish a garden, daily worship ( with his wife).was told that since Tirumala jungle is full of cobras, it is very risky. He replied that if those snakesare powerful, i will do my duty in Vaikundam and if this snake is powerful, ( meaning himself-ananda) theduty will be done in Tirumala.( there are many vertions for this story)

    He cleaned the place ( That time only garbgraha was there), established a garden for flowers, Brought water daily from ahasaganga for pooja and abishegam etc.

    Then slowly the daily rituals, utsavams were all established. ( that helped even lord ranganatha a stay for 40 years -)

    The Crowbar is used by him to clean and establish a garden is at the entrance.

    Once lord himself came as an young boy and plucked flowers. He chased the boy and hit him and found the lord bleeding with a wound. That is why a a white camphor paste is applied on Moolavar's chin, below the lower lip. ( One version associates this story with thirumalai nambi)
  • 'not "now only" is incorrect'
    The above sentence means 'now only' is correct. Am I right or do I have
    to refer to Wren and Martin?
    1. 'Mind your language' is a response for abusive or politically
    incorrect expletive. Not applicable here.2. Even SMS language U 2 R 6 is
    accepted nowadays.3. Use of present continuous is common among
    tamilians, because such a construction is natural in Tamil. 4. Anyway,
    in our informal dialogues, understanding of the thought, issue and flow
    is more important than the syntax, grammar and construction. SPS's
    postings precisely meet these needs on diverse topics.
  • Respected Sampath Sir,

    I will take that as a word of Caution from our member.

    thanks and regards / sps

  • Thanks Gokul and SN for the story behind the crowbar...I have never heard
    about it.
  • But,where exactly is this crowbar in the temple premises!!!

  • Dear Sankar

    Ananthazhvan Brundavanam - the final resting place - as well as a small temple dedicated to him are located in Tirumala. I visited both of them last year.

    You cannot miss them and yet everyone misses them !

    I was told that the tirumala deity is made out of saligramam. Do any of you know this?
  • It is called swayamvyakta ( equivalant to swayambu in saivam)

    the idol is supposed to have been originated on its own

    Do you know that Tirumala and Srirangam were theer from Silappadigaram period ( 2nd AD) according to

    In Maduraikandam Kovalan and Kannagi on their way tomadurai meet a brahmin. He introduces him self as fromkudamalainattu mangadu. He had undertaken piligrimages to srirangam and Tirumala. He describes the lord at both the places.
    மா முது மறையோன் வந்திருந்தோனை-
    'யாது நும் ஊர்? ஈங்கு என் வரவு?' எனக்
    கோவலன் கேட்பக் குன்றாச் சிறப்பின்
    மா மறையாளன் வருபொருள் உரைப்போன்
    'நீல மேகம் நெடும் பொன் குன்றத்துப் 35

    பால் விரிந்து அகலாது படிந்ததுபோல,
    ஆயிரம் விரித்து எழு தலை உடை அரும் திறல்
    பாயல்-பள்ளி, பலர் தொழுது ஏத்த,
    விரி திரைக் காவிரி வியன் பெரும் துருத்தித்
    திரு அமர் மார்பன் கிடந்த வண்ணமும்- 40

    வீங்கு நீர் அருவி வேங்கடம் என்னும்
    ஓங்கு உயர் மலையத்து உச்சி மீமிசை-
    விரி கதிர் ஞாயிறும் திங்களும் விளங்கி,
    இரு மருங்கு ஓங்கிய இடைநிலைத் தானத்து,
    மின்னுக் கொடி உடுத்து, விளங்கு வில் பூண்டு, 45

    நல் நிற மேகம் நின்றது போல-
    பகை அணங்கு ஆழியும், பால் வெண் சங்கமும்,
    தகை பெறு தாமரைக் கையின் ஏந்தி,
    நலம் கிளர் ஆரம் மார்பில் பூண்டு,
    பொலம் பூ ஆடையின் பொலிந்து தோன்றிய 50

    செங் கண் நெடியோன் நின்ற வண்ணமும்-
    என் கண் காட்டு என்று என் உளம் கவற்ற
    வந்தேன் குட மலை மாங்காட்டு உள்ளேன்
    தென்னவன் நாட்டுச் சிறப்பும் செய்கையும்,
    கண்மணி குளிர்ப்பக் கண்டேன் ஆதலின், 55

    வாழ்த்தி வந்திருந்தேன்; இது என் வரவு' என,
    தீத்திறம் புரிந்தோன் செப்பக் கேட்டு-
  • Wondeful Sankar. Thanks.
    Then this puts rest all the debates happening around Tirumala, as it was a
    Muruga temple once and Ramanujar converted it into a perumal temple.
  • after the ramayanam series is over - i will strat mamanum marumaganum.

    that is another intresting lead i got from a very old tamil scholar ( who did not reveal his identity and in fact refuced to reveal. Hegave me lot of details) in cannemearh library.

    i will write that once i complete this
  • that's a good story, sps.
  • Right at the main entrance of the temple, Jeevan. After you cross the
    security check near the Gopuram, you turn left to enter the temple and in
    the entrace, if you look to your right, you can see a crowbar hanging from
    the wall higher up, near the ceiling, with a board below it.

    I think earlier the board was not there and hence it was not strikingly
    visible, but now with a prominent board, its pretty much visible.


    By the way, where is the anandalwar temple you are mentioning? I have never
    seen that or atleast surely missed it all alone.
  • when you enter the main entrance ( after the final baggage checking) , to your right side, that is exit side.There is a board also. it is hanging in the wall. This is the entrance. while entering look to your right side.. On its wall it is hanging.
  • >>The Crowbar is used by him to clean and establish a garden is at the entrance.

    >>Once lord himself came as an young boy and plucked flowers. He chased the boy and hit him and found the lord bleeding with a wound. That is why a a white camphor paste is applied on Moolavar's chin, below the lower lip. ( One version associates this story with thirumalai nambi)

    Just a small correction here (as per a movie that I saw on Tirupati Venkateshwara) - Anandaalwar and his wife were working to build a water tank (now called Swami pushkarini - the holy tank in Tirumala). It was his wish that they together must complete this Mammoth task without anyone's help. His wife, however, was very tired and was unable to continuously work whereas Anandaalwar was expecting her to work faster in his dedication to complete the task. Venkateshwara, approached the lady as a young boy and offered to help. Although she resisted initially, he insisted and started helping her. After some time, Anandalwar came to know about this and was very angry with the young boy. Without realizing what he is doing, He threw away the crowbar with which he was working then and saw that the boy disappeared. He felt sorry for his violent act and approached the sanctum sanatorium and then witnessed blood in Venkateshwara's chin. Realizing it is the very spot
    where the crow bar hit the young boy, he cried for help and anxiously sought something to stop bleeding. He spotted camphor near the Lord and applied it in Venkateshwara's chin and the blood stopped. To this day, this practice of applying camphor in Venkateshwara's chin is followed in Tirumala, to mark Anandaalwar's devotion.
    If someone know which is the right version, please let me know.
  • there is another version - inncident is the story i told but the person is Thirumalai nambi.( not anandalwar). The inncident happened under the maghizha tree.
  • It is a temple of the Sun.
    No kidding about Murga etc
    R. Narasimhan
  • > If someone know which is the right version, please let me know.

    Hi Swarna

    Your version is correct and is in line with what is written in anantazhvan's garden.




    AMBAL &




  • was told that the tirumala deity is made out of saligramam. Do any of you know this?

    The Namam is of pacha karpuram, which has attachment properties towards the specific salagrama stone.
    I really doubt the crow bar stories etc, it could have very well been a human accident involving the crow bar. The namam being put there was told as a event, happened when the karpuram got stuck on the face.

    The Statue of Lord is an epitome of cosmic energy, instead of investigating the gender or base form, its easier to accept the energy as is.

    - R
  • Thanks Mr. Gokul,

    How is your wrist pain now!! Wanted to tell you this earlier, Around the year 2000, when I volunteered to work for, the Kanchi mahavishwa vidhyalaya students used a voice recognition system to speed up typing tamil books - unfortunately I dont know the name of the software; you may want totry googling. FYI.

    Hope you are recovering fast. Get well soon.
  • Dear Jeevan,
    Is crowbar what its called, or is it a shovel/spade? Crowbars are for
    very hard material, like dismantling a building. Spades & trowels are
    used in gardening. Just want to get the picture straight.
  • crowbar - since tirumala is a hill and for digging only crowbar has to be used. Spade will not help.
  • Hi kathie

    Gadap paarai : crow bar
    Mann ( sand) vetti ( cutter) : spade
    Uli : chisel
    Sutthi : hammer
    Arivaal : the sickle kind of knife u see in the hand of ayyanaar!!

  • Thanks for the explanation.

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