Tamil new year wishes
  • Happy tamil new year wishes to all.God bless!
    with warm regards,
    shanthi palaninathan

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  • அனைவருக்கும் இனிய தமிழ்ப் புத்தாண்டு (விக்ருதி) நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!!!
    Happy Tamil New Year!!!
  • nanrri parvatha varthini avarkala meendum nanrri

  • விக்ருதி என்றாலே மாறுவது தான்
    மாறுவது ஒன்றையே நிரந்தரமாக கொண்ட
    நம் அனைவருக்கும்
    விக்ருதி ஒரு வித்த்யாசமான ஆண்டாக அமையவும் வரும் மாறுதல் அனைத்தும் மனம்
    வண்ணம் அமையவும் வாழ்த்தும்
    அண்ணாமலை சுகுமாரன்

    On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 8:55 PM, Parvadha Vardhini
  • Dear PonniyinSelvavin Makkalukku,

    Ungal Anaivarukkum En iniya Tamil Puthandu Nalvalthugal.

    Happy Tamil New Year.
  • Thanks and wish all the members a happy and prosperous Tamil New year -
  • Anaivarukkum iniya puthaandu nalvaazhthukkal
  • Very well said SPS. Your last few lines reflect the current trend.

    When I was in the US, I felt happy to notice one thing - the generation
    which became parents in the 2000's (my gen :) ) are very much passionate
    about their mother tongue and encourages their kids to talk in their mother
    tongue at home. Marathi kids speak marathi well, tamil speaks tamil, telugu,
    hindi, panjabi etc. And this generation is the major part of the 'reverse
    brain drain'.

    This is contrast to the gen which became parents in and before 90's. Those
    kids who are in their teens now dont know to pronounce even a single word in
    their mother tongue today. They can speak or understand their mother

    The major reason the current gen says for this - ' my parents will not be
    able to converse with my kids, even when we go on vacation if my kid doesnt
    speak my tongue. They dont feel comfortable in India for those few weeks and
    that will be a handicap again when we move back to India'.

    Valid points. I have seen grandparents who long to talk with thier grand
    children, but could not due to the language issue..they cant speak english
    and the kids cant speak their language. This trend, I saw atleast in the
    group o fpeople I met in the US.

    the focus is shifting for good....all along people were just talking only on
    stages as 'Tamil en moochu, tamil en pechu, tamil en watchu....' kind of
    dialogues without anything in action, but todays generation is becoming

    But introducing new words for everything is not possible. we should
    adapt....'magizhundu' for car doesnt make sense and it will keep people away
    from Tamil :) for that matter 'undhu' is a sanskrit word :) (recently came
    to know this from 'Cho' in Jaya TV's enge brahmanan seriel :) )
  • Dear Satish,

    If we cannot use MAGHIZHUNDHU instead of Car it is fine.

    But Habeas Corpus... Vs.. Aatkonarvu ??

    " .. I have seen grandparents who long to talk with thier grand
    children, but could not due to the language issue..they cant speak english and the kids cant speak their language... "

    Really TOUCHING dear Satish.

    Reminds me of a dialogue in Balachander Sir's movie ::

    " that broken pot is kept is in tact,
    so that your son will offer it to you ! " - painfully talks a father to his son.

    Balancing Dialogue :: Server Sundaram ! NAGESH tells a Story - after he became a popular actor (in the movie) ::

    " His loved one ordered him to get his Mother's heart on a plate !
    He obtained it from his mother.. on the way to his Love, he was about to fall down.. THE HEART CAUTIONED : WALK CAREFULLY MY DEAR SON ........ "

    rgds/ sps

  • In The Last 40 years we talked more about Tamizh but actually eneded up having more population which takes Hindi/French/.. as second language.

    Worstmost do not even propnounce it propoerly. Now Zha is gone, One La, One na and one ra is pronounced. Even Vanakkam nowpronounved with rendu suli na.

    Compared to this though i have not seen any Teluguprasad or Malayalaunni in other states, they pronounce/speak their language better.

    Forced hear Dasavadaram( family was watching dasavadaram, while i was working on prabandam)Only Ramanuja Nambi was prononcing right and Mrs Avatar sing was right - If i speak with you, i will forget tamizh)

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