Ramayanam before Kamban - 6
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    manai aram padutta kadai

    manimegalai had taken the first pichai ( Bhiksha) from Adirai. The first feeding had to be done to Kayasandigai who had an unsatifiable hunger ( Yanaithee) She was cursed by a sage.

    The Kayasandigaicompares her hunger with


    Line nos 9 to 13

    Once Nediyon ( Vishnu) out of Maya ( mayakkathal) took a human form. He built a bridge in the sea with the help of Monkeys. Those monkeysput big trees, mountainsin the sea and they all went into the sea without any trace. My hunger is also like that and whatever i put inside goes without a trace. (In Ramayanan then neelanwas asked to drop things in sea as he had a peculiar curse)




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  • I think it is valmikis samadhi.

    1. Thiru vanmiyur is worshipped by valmiki

    2. koyambedu is called Kusalavapuri and the lord is kusalava pureeswarar. It is where valmiki had his ashram and sita gave birth to luv and Kush.

    3. Siruvarampedu alias chinnampedu is the place ( near red hills) where Lava and Kucha took their bows and fought with people who came to take the aswameda horse ( Siruvar + ambu+edu)

    Arunagirinathar mentions this in his thiruppugazh

    "siruvaragiya iruvar ramaodu samaradi" - referd in the song
  • Dear Sir,
    If I remember it right, Chinnambedu is also called as Siruvapuri? And there is a temple for Lord Muruga
  • yes vardini.
  • wow...thats amazing SN. Can you throw more light on these with literary
  • Siruvapuri, siruvarampedu, siruvai are the same. The link of thiruppugazh given explains it
  • Hi,

    I am not sure if this is correct but some one said

    Saidapet is actually from Sita pettai
    Chromepet is actually Ram pettai


  • Chromepet was named after Chrome Leather Factory...
    It belonged to Thiruchurathoor naadu (Tirisulam county).

    Saidapet was named after a Nawab of Arcot Syed Musalman.

    Lots of parable units attached to our history I guess :-)

    - R
  • In Royapettah there is a market called mirsapet market. One fine day I got to see the name board. It was Mir Sahib Pet Market.

  • Dear Ravi,

    You are right.

    I know the Nagarathar Gentlemen who owned Chorme Leather Factory !

    They hailed from Pon-Amaravathi !!

    Now they have left Leather ..

    Branched into Schools / Building / Finance.

    Looks the moment you landed back, you started looking into PS Gp mails.

    thanks and rgds.

  • SPS sir, u know how my life is when I get to India, I am truly amazed how you find time to make consistent posts with your schedule...
    Hopefully, I can do more work on PS from here :)

    your blessings!

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