• Dear Friends,

    There is a small village called panchamadevi in the Villupuram to panrtui route.

    Is this place any related to Chozha History.

    A Shanmugam
  • I am from villupuram. I frequently traveled through panchamadevi. I hope the name is panchavanmadevi. there was a Mariamman Koil. Before to this place there is a village called "kozhiyanur" its old name is Kozhi-venthan-nallur" Kozhi venden is referred to Chola Kings.

    S.Arul Ganesh
  • Dear Arul Ganesh,

    After Vikravandi - whenever I cross
    PANAYAPURAM ( towards Panruti route)

    and farther down (towards Kumbakonam) after Cholatharam will be crossing "VANAMADEVI "

    USED to kindle lot of Historical thoughts !!

    ( Likewise there is another PANCHAVANMADEVI on the way to Nerur from Karur too !! )

    MEENSURUTTI is named after so because reportedly SUNDARAPANDIAN after destroying Thanjai - Pazhayagai - GKC ( in vengence of settling scores of 400 years enimity with Cholas)- FOLDED HIS MEEN (FISH) FLAG !

    anbudan / sps
  • > Dear Friends,
    > There is a small village called panchamadevi in the Villupuram to panrtui route.
    > Is this place any related to Chozha History.
    > A Shanmugam

    Dear Sri Shanmugam,

    Above are a few discussion related to Panchavan madevi ! We have more than 80 mails re PANCHAVANMADEVI (type Panchavanmadevi in Search column - one will get related mails).

    " Panchavanmadevi" name was common among the Queens of Uthama - Rajaraja & Rajendra I too ...

    ( ref msg 3914)...

    Rajaraja's wife Panchavanmadevi hails from Melappazhuvur @ Keezhaiyur (Katherine - recalling your corrections !)
    We have discussed this during Avanigandarveswaram !

    That Stretch around Panrutri - should have been border for Thirumunaippadi and Thirukooilore those days - is definitely having links with History.

    No detail study is available to my knowledge.

    Will check for more details as well.

    best regards / sps
  • Yes Sir,

    The route via Vikravandi ...Panayapuram...Panruti , is prominent entry point to Chola valanadu from north - say Kanchipuram.

    Near to Panchavanmadevi there is no more village towards Pondicherry is "Valavanur" - I need not to mention "Valavan" refered to "Cholas"

    Near panayapuram there is one more village called "kuchipalayam" . I hope during olden times, kings may have a battalion (palayam) in their military force equipped with "kuchi" (Still kuchi sandai is a veravelayattu in Tamil Nadu). Sir, I really astonished when i try to find the meaning of many villages, towns which we come across in our day to day life.Those are silent exhibitants of the life of our forefathers.

    thanking you
    S.Arul Ganesh
  • My mother is from Villupuram ( Santana Gopalapuram)and my summer veccations were spent in that area. One branch of family still there.

    There is a beautiful ramar temple in a place called " kappiyampuliyur" ( puli)

    route is Puravarpanamkattur ennum panayapuram, kappiyampuliyur, poyyapakkam, Panchamadevi, Koot road, Kozhiyanur.
  • Dear Sankar sir,

    I lived very close to  Santhana Gopalapuram. we lived at Railway
    Quarters. At villupuram, Kailasanathar Temple is very old. hope you
    would have visited it. And tomorrow (14.04.2010) villupuram Anjaneyar
    Temple festival begins. People will light 1,00,000 lamps and worship.
    The festival called "Lakshadeepa thiruvezha". It is a special
    attraction to the town.
  • Villupuram:

    1. kanchi paramacharya's Birth place. his house and the room where he was born are temple now.

    2. kailasanathar temple - very old. has many chola inscriptions

    3. vaikunda perumal temple - again chola period.

    4. anjaneyar laksha deepam

    5. there is another siva temple, on the chennai main road. which yielded a new inscription which gives the name of the town. It was ruled by One Vizhupurathan in 13th century.

    6. keezhperumbakkam murugan

    In a lighter vein it is also the birth place of one sankaranarayanan at Dr bhandari hospital

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