have I disturbed a hornet' nest?
  • Dear All,

    May be I should not have put in my thoughts in a message. But it is
    already done and I had the benefit of different opinions from other
    members of our group. I stand a bit more enlightened as I have had
    only basic education and a little worldly experience.

    In a very humble way, I attempted to destroy the caste system. I
    named my son "Murugan". While putting him in primary school, in the
    aplication I wrote the word "Indian" repeatedly against the columns
    that demanded to be filled in with details of Religion, Caste and
    subsect (if any). My friend Mr. KPG Panicker, who was a great
    educationist and was the chief of the school (The Shrine Vailankanni
    school in T Nagar) advised me that my son cannot be granted
    admission unless some thing is specified in all these columns as
    popularly done by all.

    An hours arguments (quite a friendly one) proved futile, and I ended
    up writing whatever I liked at that time. However, me and most of my
    frineds (and their family members) have totally avoided having words
    like "chettiar", "Iyer", "Mudaliyar" etc. after our names as our
    very small effort.
    Govt. on its part has eradicated castes only from the street name
    boards !!(notwithstanding the confusion it has caused).

    A beginning can be made only when the requirement to fill up details
    of caste etc. is first abolished from the forms printed by the Govt.
    and I am willing to join anyone who suggests an initiative towards
    such action.

    One more thing. This may not be the right forum for such messages.
    Those who are incharge of the group as "moderators" are at full
    liberty to delete all messages from me and also those messages which
    they consider not pertinent to PS group.
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  • -Dear,

    I have read some mails in "Agasthiar Group" regarding social,
    economical and religeous matters - where our Dr. Jaybee's
    contributions are also more.

    Re Ravidasan's punishment :: It was a benefit of doubt given to him
    by Rajaraja. We assume all the members are aware of what we are
    talking about. However summary is this : In Udayarkudi
    (Kattumannarkudi / near Veeranam) in Anantheeswarar temple, in the
    rear wall of the sanctum, an inscription of RR's 2nd Regenal yr (986
    AD) is addressed to Grahmasabayor of Veeranarayana Chaturvedi
    Mangalam. It is Direct Order from the Emperor to the Sabha -
    Chakravarthy Sreemugam - which says the erest-while Irumudi chozha-
    Brahmadhirayan Ravidasan, Soman Sambavan, Parameswaran & co., were
    DHROHINs who caused the death of Veerapandiyanthalaikonda Adhitha
    Karikalan. Their lands, their in-laws, sister-brother's in-laws and
    other relatives lands - fertile on the banks of Veeranam Lake - were
    confiscated and put on auction & from the interest on the proceeds 12
    Sivabrahims were to be fed .. and they all were ordered to leave the
    Chozha territories without taking any belongings ...
    (Citizen movie climax!) .....

    Capital Punishment was not given because there was no eye witness to
    the crime ... Dhrohins - led to believe to be good and then turned
    against .... Person involved were arms and not the brain & body ...

    Confistication of land .. declaration as untouchables - were equally
    tougher punishment than Capital punishment..

    Essence is the Crime took place in 969 AD, but the punishment was
    (given) recorded in 986 AD - not during Uthama Chozha's period...but
    in RR's period ....

    Idelogical differences in interpreting the year of Punishment & the
    recording of punishment exist among the Learned ...

    This subject - like Nandhini's father - was also discussed at length
    already in our group ...

    Fondly, SB

    Discussion is now on WHY Capital punishment not given to
  • Surprised to see the discussion in this group..

    My views..
  • Mr. Naren,

    We should not preserve a thing because for it is being old. It creates problem we should throw that into dust bin. We are not taking these things, but that create problem among the people.

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