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  • Dear members

    Now a days historical novels are rare to see. To develop the interest of the same, why don't we start a program on this. Many writters are members in this group.

    The novel may be a short story or big novel. It should be in word format or pdf.

    SPS sir... What is your view. If you see the recent posts, many members are having good knowledge in history. So hope that many members welcome this and contribute the same.

    What evern WELL-KNOWN WRITERS fear of writing History novels is the TIME-RELATED ACTIVITIES..

    Suppose some one says Adithakarikalan left Kanchi - reached Viluppuram and then went to Sethiathope ..

    There will be thousand mails - stating VILLIs got prominence after Kulothunga and Villupuram not hymned in thevaram - nearby Siva temple was hymned in that name... etc., and Sethiathope was known as thirumunapadi ...

    Imagine the Writer's FIX..


    That will make members overcome the inhibitions in coherent writing.

    Secondly - YES - HISTORY RELATED SHORT STORIES - with SINGLE EPISODE - Where much of the details are NOT needed...- can be taken up.


    Each episode by each author can be brought later on in the form a book - the TITLE CAN BE THAT OF THE BEST SELECTED - by our members.


    for HAVING PUT THIS IDEA OF AGNIKUNCHU in THE PONNIYINSELVAN FOREST ... Let us see more fire useful for constructive purposes!

  • Dear Sundar Krishnan and SPS

    I think it brings us back to the discussion we had earlier.

    May I suggest the following abstract storyline...ThE AO prequel...

    The Cholas left fleeing from the Pandyas but are still living the the same state as 800 years ago...but the young price has grown old...This had me thinking..

    This is the storyline....

    They flee through chidambaram....they are given aids to keep them staying alive in their current state by Yogis Siddars etc....but the Childran cannot have it till they are 21... They are also taught varios tricks...

    They leave in the ships in pursuit by the pandyas....they create the seven obstacles and reach their destination

    The valiant pandya commander pursues them till the land and returns in vein...

    The cholas wait....the children reach 21 and are given the cermony...

    The catch is once the true messenger from Cholas reach there the spell will loose its power and they all will become mere mortals...Their prosperity and protection will be lost if they commit ....a deadly sin colluding with the enemy!

    Chapter :1 The final battle

    Chapter :2 King seeks the help of the Rajaguru the saint

    Chapter :3 Exodus reaches Chidambaram

    Chapter :4 The Sacred ceremony

    Chapter :5 The Voyage

    Chapter :6 The Seamonsters

    Chapter :7 The Snake pit

    Chapter :8 The Savage Warriors

    Chapter :9 The Sand Pit

    Chapter :10 The Hunger

    Chapter :11 The Illusion

    Chapter :12 Reaching the new destination

    Chapter :13 Coming of age of the prince and coronation

    Chapter :14 Pandyas tracking and enticing a lady(the one who is delighted to see the pandya princess and carries the message) which lifts the charm and takes their prosperity way

    Chapter 15 The famine and plague

    Chapter : 16 Arrival of the new team.to the current movie

    how does this sound for a storyline

    The idea would be the first person writes the first chapter and the next person so one to keep to the main storyline.

    Kind Regards


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    To: [email protected]
  • Dear sri.

    You have drawn an excellent sketches of pre quel of AO. I request you to start the first chapter so that others may continue. Moderator may kindly arrange to distribute the chapters to the writers.
  • Dear Dr. Kailasam,

    Dr. Sridhar (of UK) himself is a Moderator.

    We (other moderators) are supportive of him.

    rgds/ sps

  • Dear sri,
    It is excellent. you can distribute the chapters to the writers of the forum
  • Dear Members

    I have added a file name " sarithira kadhaigal" short stories in the file folder which will help to the members interested to write the historical stories.

    All the best.

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