one request - from sruthi
  • Gokul,
    My mom told that.. "Tanjore temple" has some vaastu
    problems. When any politician come to that temple... he may face many
    problems..!(he may be vanished from his career, life,etc).

    u Know... the indian politicians dont want come for tanjore
    temple...i'll give some reasonable examples...

    1. during karunanidhi's(X-chief minister)period(kumba
    abishekam)...a fire accident has occured..many people died on that
    saint place.After this moment karunanidhi faces many problems ....he
    getback from his post.

    2. Indiraghandi(x-prime minister)..she got fired after the
    visit of tanjore temple.

    3. Even M.G.R also got death after visiting this temple..

    so...I conclude that...Rajaraja also a politician... even..he
    also face many problems..( coldwar with his son Rajendran...why
    rajendran go for build(ing) another temple similar to tanjore
    temple.& quitted the finishing activities of the temple...such as
    some dancing movements of siva hasnot been finished...).

    So that it gives some assumptions (or Moodanambikkai)...
    that..something was happened for that great king.So that his life was
    vanished..& his death was hided from the history.

    with lot of doubts
  • Hi Sruthi,

    Everyone in this world is facing problems. So I
    think, this is moodanambikkai. Even before visiting
    Tanjore, Karunanithi was facing some problems.

    Even if Indira Gandhi had not gone to Tanjore, She
    would have been killed. So these are all

    Another thing, there was no cold war in between
    Rajaraja and Rajendra. If there was cold war between
    them, certainly Rajendra would have captured power or
    would have been put-off from the power by Raja raja.
    He would not have waited till his 50's to get power.

    Another thing, I think the people of this group are
    praising Rajaraja ( yet another debate ) - undoubtedly
    HE is the GREATEST of tamil kings but like other north
    Indian kings Harsha & Ashoka.

    But there are some fade sides in his life. Some
    what he encouraged the caste system indirectly.Eg, He
    didnot kill the persons who killed his brother because
    they were Brahmins. So he respected caste system than
    his brother.

    So friends do not praise this king as the
    illiterate people praise politicians. Praise the novel
    - the way in which it is written, the describtions,
    historic events it gives etc.,

  • Dear All
    As I understand, there never was a caste system in the real Hindu
    religion. There were distinctions or divisions beacuse of the
    professions practiced by the Individuals. Anyone who was an exponent
    in Scriptures (Veda) and its practice was a brahmin, anyone who was
    in the seat ruling and those who fought under him were all
    Kshatriyas, those who were permitted or practiced Trade were Vysyas
    and other menials were designated as soodhra's. Caste was not
    bestowed due birth, but it was a divisional nomenclature. However in
    latter years, it was unerstood in the reverse manner. That is all.
    I have not yet had the opportunity to study the Vedas, but I hear
    that it is said in "Shukla Yajur Veda" which clarifies not only that
    all Hindus are equal, even men and women are equal.

    For example, the Yagnopaveedham (worn by men of particular divisions
    in the Hindu society) was to be worn both by men and women and women
    were equally required to perform the vedic rites three times, which
    we today assume only a brahmin, (who is either a brahmachari or a
    grihastha) has to perform.

    Thus Rajaraja left off certain accused, for reasons of his own, and
    not because they were pracrticing as brahmins. It is difficult at
    this distant date, and with the limited epigraphs available, what
    his intentions or motives were, this I am sure

    If some one has the time and resources he can follow this lead and
    prove to everyone that there really was no caste system under the
    Hindu religion, and we may remove the wrong faith, atleast after a
    few centuries of wrong beliefs.

    My intentions are clear and based on what little I have read so far.
    To all those who enquire if I am a brahmin I have always replied
    that I do not know, except that I was born to parents who call
    themselves brahmins. I may be wrong in my above conentions and I am
    open to be corrected.

    Thank you and welcome,


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