• Dr. Thyaga Sathyamurthy - Auditor Chandra sekaran - Plastic Chandra -Suresh effeiciently organised the REACH MEET at Chidambaram. Akshaya Hotel Owner extended lot of support including Food - accomodation - vehicle etc.

    Dr. Sathyamurthy touched UNESCO graded World Heritage Monuments in India - reasons / methodology for preserving them etc., etc.. with Dos and Donts ...

    Uthiramerur Siva temple - under renovation by REACH also figured in the power point - well presented by Chandra.

    Dr. Kudavoil unfolded the ANCIENT WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMs - particularly in Temple (Water) tanks ...

    ... like the water gathered in the Pond flown under the Cow's milk-madi is known as PAALKULAM .. (recall Palakulathamman Pillar inscriptions at Udayalur !)

    ... water flowing out of Gomukam from the temple Vimanam (which itself considered Meru) to the pond is normally known as SIVAGANGA ! (as in the Big temple) !

    .... Protection of Water Management for Public Use - Iddharmam rakshippar SREE PAADHAM EN THALAI MAELE .. quoting from an inscription of RRC's offcial in Pudukottai dt...

    Social considerations were equated at par with Religeous activities as well !!

    These details NEED TO BE PUT IN THE MINDS OF RURAL CHILDREN - Rural Education AND the bondage with Cultural Herirtage (REACH ) is to be established...

    In this direction, Chidambaram will have the first REACH BRANCH outside Chennai.. in the form of a REACH HERITAGE CLUB..

    Five members indicated their immediate willingness and the number is expected to reach about 30 within a month...

    Organisational set up and administrative formalities are being worked out and these Guidelines will be furnished soon to all like minded individuals / groups / egroups to come under a larger Banner.

    An Apex body at State Level and Centre- level is also contemplated to represent issues related to mishandling of Cultural Assets to the Governing Bodies.

    our dear Plastic Chandra deserves very special mention and appreciation for organising and effective coordination through his Temple-cleaners Group.

  • Thanks for te update SPS. Last week I called Chandra and said I will attend
    this meet...but last minute could not make it as I had some personal

    Thanks for the synopsis.

    Congrats Chandra...your work is really commendable.
  • to day i got a sms in that written as---ulaghathin meiya pulliyaaga nam thamil nattin "CHIDAMBARAM" NATRAJAR koilill ulla "SIVANIN OONRIYA KAAL PAATHAM" ENRU arivithu ulluthu BBC NEWS. can any body explain me

  • hi sps

    water spouts - very interesting. big temple we have the spout balanced on a
    cute gana's head. recently in the vairam's thakkolam - we find the water
    coming out of the gana's mouth _ what a feat of engineering - to be able to
    drill through...amazing

    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man
  • Dear All,
    The symposium conducted for heritage wardens on 7th March 2010 went well and the details are here for you to see.

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