Thakkonam Temple Snaps

    I visited Thakkonam temple yesterday....
    It has one of the most beautiful panel of Dakshinamurthy. Though bit disappointed that i couldnt take a foto of plain panel. I got the photo with all the kavasams on. If any one has chance please take the photo of plain rock panel...
  • Dear Sir,
    Very nice pictures, esp. the last picture of sun rays falling inside the temple was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  • Very good photos dear Vairam. Thanks for sharing.

    Actually some one observed ::

    The Iconography is a VERY SPECIAL AND SUBTLE feature !!

    Last week when Vijay posted Dr. Nagaswamy Sir's article re THIPURANTAKA and VEENADHARA - he VERY NICELY OBSERVED that the DIFFERENCE can be FOUND OUT FROM THE FINGER POSITIONS OF THE MOORTHY !

    The difference in Holding a BOW (Thripurantaka - kind of vertical ) and in Holding a VEENA (slightly slanted as we seen in Saraswathi)!

    When such is the SUBTLE feature in ICONOGRAPHY - we change the Sculptures to our whims and fancies using

    - SANDANA KAAPU (Sandle Paste)
    - Elaborate Flower Arrangement
    - Fruit arrangements !!

    During Navarathri - several temples announce and exhibit - VARIOUS POSES of (for the same) DEITIES !!

    These are very much wrong.. not authorised in the Original Sacred texts...

    Same is the case with Kavasams too !!

    Imagine Kavasams over Beluru - Halabedu - Darasuram Sculptures !!

    We will have to slowly highlight these too .. revealing ORIGINALITY is more important and appeal to sentiments of the Worshippers ..

    regards/ sps
  • further things to be avoided

    drilling the goshtam walls for garlending. ( In Thakkolam two heavy nails are drilled in the dakshinamoorthy pannel)

    drilling the goshtam wall and roof for hanging lamps

    some places even saw drills to hold the dress of durga in the goshtam
  • The temple is called Thakkolam Jalanadiswaram.

    An inscription of aparajita discovered by Dr. R.N confirms the belief held earlier that this is a late pallava temple.

    Thakkolam - the war in which Bhutuga (Ganga) killed Rajaditya. I cannot forget Maniyam's painting in PS on this. Still in my eyes.
  • I have that Bhutuga was Rashtrakuta?
    Please correct me.
  • thank you Vairam,
    really fine murthis.
  • dear vairam can u please help me the route to thakkolam from tiruchy

  • kindly help[ me the route of the thakkonam from tiruchy

  • Nice photos,by the way where is this temple.

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