happy birthday
  • to the man who gave us a pride in being an indian

    to a poet who made us love our language

    to the incredible man who moulded a part of all of us


    a moment to ponder still.......

    when he died on September 11, 1921, not yet forty years of age, His
    funeral was attended by only seven people.

  • Nadhri Venkat.

    Emai Erunthum Athil Oru Oliye Eruthum Ennavanai Marn-thirunthitan
    Some of Bharathi Songs Here..........for our view

  • *தேடிச்** **சோறு* * **நிதந்** **தின்று* * - **நித்தம்
    சின்னஞ்ச்** **சிறுகதைகள்* * **பேசி** - **வாடித்
    துன்பம்** * *மிகவுழன்று** - **பிறர்** * *
    வாடப்** **பல** **செயல்கள்* * **செய்து** - **நரை* * **கூடிக்
    கிழப்பருவம்** **எய்தி** - **பிறர்
    கூற்றுக்கிரை** **எனப்** * *பின்** **மாயும்** - * *பல** **
    வேடிக்கை** **மனிதரைப்* * **போல** **

    நான்* * **வீழ்வேன்** **என்று** * *நினைத்தாயோ** !

    *This piece of poetry has inspired me a lot....i figured this would be apt
    for Bharathi's birthday.
  • Rahul,
    please give the English translation of the poem as i don't get it in Tamil.or else tell me how to get the Tamil font.
    karthik amma
  • -and his romantic songs

    suttum vizhisutar thaan kannamaa sooriya santhiraro?
    vatta kariya vizhi kannamaa vaana karumai kollo?

    takes you back to the days when you fell in love first

    when the girl you love seems to rival the moon the sun the stars and
    the skies.

    there is a bit of bharathi in all of us.

  • barathi and women's lib

    bharathi must be proud if he visits his land today.
    nimirntha nannadai, nerkonda paarvai
    nilathil yaaarukkum anjaa.....

    2 instances.where they exceeded even barathi's imagination.

    sunitha williams is in space today

    lets pray for her

    and santhi sundararajan who got a silver at doha asiad
    daughter of a brick kiln employee. has missed atleast one meal every
    day in her life.
    chose atheletics as a career to feed and educate her siblings.
    today has made our nation proud.
    hope the politicians give her the 15 lakshs they promised

  • Mr.venketesh would be a better person to explain that piece in English.
    Please Mr.Venketesh.
  • yes rahul
    thats what compatriots are for.
    same side goal
    sorry but somebody else needs to explain it

  • Not only Womene lib..in all aspects, he is a forerunner. His stance
    on Secularism and casteism...spell bounding. Being a Non-brahmin and
    criticising the brahminical acts is not a great thing to do. Most of
    our 'so called' secularist politicians do that. But being a brahmin
    and criticising openly the mooda nambikkai....this man should have
    the real guts to do that.

    when the new age secularists were sucking their thumbs, this man has
    already laid down the doctrine, but as usual he didnt get the place
    he deserves for this.

    Well ahead of his times.
  • SIR I agree you 100%
  • Bharathi was really well ahead of his time.
    Imagine Bharathi living in our time Sathish, I am really sorry to say this,
    but he definetly would have been murdered by our politicians.
    It is really sad to see these great souls not being a celebrted the way it
    have been.

    Today was Swami Vivekananda's birthday(celebrated as the National youth
    day), but
    many in TN remembers this day only for Rajini.
  • -
    you are a trifle pessimistic arent you.

    the man from an ordinary family. died a pauper. left behind a
    destitute family whom he couldnt even feed properly during his

    held no post or wielded any power and 125 years have passed since he
    was born.
    still we hear his patriotic poem and blood races thro the veins like
    volcanic lava.
    we hear his romantic poem and remember the times we loved and lost

    we hear his poem on social upliftment and are happy our country has
    achieved that.

    125 years is a long time and a man from the past being a part of our
    lives is by itself a great tribute.

    I dont think we have erred in our duties to a dead bharathi as our
    forefathers did when he was alive.

  • I agree with Mr.Venketesh. Bharathi is certainly getting a lot of accolades
    these days than when he was alive. As Mr.Venketesh said he dint even feed
    his family, a duty which is of primary importance.
  • Being a poet, the options to earn are very few in those days. There is no
    film industry to earn and live in luxary. He has to sing to the kings
    and zamindars of those days, who themselfs were lying at the feet of
    His pride would have killed him to sing to those guys.

    What is the accolade Bharathi got these days? We discussing his poems on
    birth anniversary or being mentioned in the school text books?
  • Yes, I agree Bhrathi was not an ideal father nor an ideal husband.

    Hope you are aware of the situation when he sang "Thani manithanuku una
    villayenil Jagathnai azlithivum" (pardon my english tamil, ). Can you
    imagine the plight of the man for this? It came out of his inability to feed
    himself and his family. It came out of his helpless in the society that did
    not help him. I belive Bharathi cannot be blamed for this. It is really the
    society to be blamed for not supporting the man.
  • Rahul,

    I think great people all have their faults and one would find many "greats"
    who all let down their own families - Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Bharathiyar,
    etc etc. I suppose if one were to ask Buddha's wife and son (Rahul
    incidentally ;)), their views about his greatness might be mixed. So I
    suppose there is always a trade-off: A "great"'s ultimate effect on humanity
    vs his/her effect on immediate family members. You can add many to that
    list. Meerabai (we would consider a woman who leaves her husband, thinks she
    is married to a deity in a temple, mad - these days); Ramana Maharishi - his
    mother would probably not have been very pleased etc etc :)
  • I was just trying to say the Bharathi is definitely getting more accolades
    these days than he did when he was. For example here about 25-30 people are
    discussing about him on his anniversary while only 7 were present during his
    funeral. That should be proof enough.

    I think the final para in my last mail awoke a lot of Bharathis! ;) ;)
  • On the topic of 'greats' being criticised by their family, well said

    And Sivaram's and SPS's mail about vivekananda - Vivekananda took
    sanyasa, when his father had died, family was in debts, starving for
    one meal a day etc. When his father was alive, Vivekanada's family
    lived like kings. So his family will say that he deceived them and
    left them in 'nadu theru'.

    For the matter of fact, I have heard that Chellama Bharathi was not
    like the chellamma portrayed in the movie Bharathi. She used to enjoy
    his poems and Bharathi used to read all his poesm first to her. They
    did share a good family life. Poverty - paramparai sothu of pulavars.

    Harikrishnan of Marabilakkiyam, author of 'Anuman - Varpum Vanappum, a
    well know tamil literary person in teh internet world, can talk for
    hours on Bharathi. GOod discussion on this topic can be found in
    the 'marabilakkiya' yahoo group.
  • when he sang "Thani manithanuku una
    > villayenil Jagathnai azlithivum"

    I am using your quote for another observation.

    bharathi lived during a time of famines and mass starvation deaths.

    he must have been proud of india today inspite of all our ills and
    ailments, corruption and what not.

    we have done extremely well in the path bharathi envisioned for us.

    he would'nt have found a reason to destroy this world on account of

    > regards,
    > siva.
  • Buddha's wife and son (Rahul
    > > incidentally ;)), their views about his greatness might be mixed.

    didnt rahul s/o buddha follow his foot steps.( every rahul does,
    gandhi, mahajan, buddha) i think its something to do with the name

    I guess he became a monk too


    > lot of
    > > > > > accolades these days than when he was alive. As Mr.Venketesh
    > said he
    > > > > > dint even feed his family, a duty which is of primary
    > > > > >
    > > > > > Regards
    > > > > > Rahul
    > > > > >
    > > > > >
  • -

    panjamum noyum nin mey adiyaarko?
    paarinil menmai veriniyarko?

    famine was common in india. though just after bharathi's death in
    1942, 5 million people died in bengal of hunger and related causes

    more than the population of many countries.

    bharathi had truly outline the priorities.

    in women's lib and hunger we have exceeded whatever he thought and
    sought for us

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  • Happy Birthday, Kathie!
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    Shiva's day, of course.
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    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

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  • Madame Katherine,Wish you a very Happy Birthday,Many more happy returns of the day.You are a Shakthi,born on Shiva's day i;e on Monday.
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  • Wish you happy birth day.
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