Raja Raja's resting place : Pallippadai
  • Dear sps,I've submitted a paper on this subject in the annual seminar conducted by Archeological society of TamilNadu at Thanjavur Tamil University,last July.The scholars including the Minister for Education welcomed my conclusion.Nobody objected it.I've mailed the paper to the group.Please go through it.My humble request is don't play second fiddle,there is always another side, you should also consider this.Kindly let me know the series oe 5 pallippadais identified by kudavoil.N.S
  • Dear Sir,

    The 5 pallippadais - are in Darasuram belt.

    will discuss while visiting that area within a month or so.

    Will involve Dr. Kudavoil also.

    regards / sps

  • Dear sps,This is for your information,not for debate.
    In 1979, As requested by Kudanthai Sethu sir Mr.K.G.Krishnan(ASI),asked Dr.C.R.Srinivasan,and Mr.Chandu Nayar to excavate near the east entrance of Darasuram temple.As expected 2 inscriptions were unearthed.One by Konerimai kondan,identified as Kulothunga III,gave infomations about RRC II and his 5 conserts pallippadai temples..Sehtu sir started his journey,continued for 15 years.He made a search around Ooththukkadu village. His article on this subject was published in Epigraphica Indica Volume 41.
    Once he lost hope and kicked the ball in my court.He rendered all help and guided me.At last I identified the location.Sethu sir jumped with joy.Within an hour time we were in the spot.We surveyed carefully 6 sivalinga banams ,nandhis,temple structures,stones with inscriptions scatered all over in a coconut grove.A tank near this site is called Cholan Kulam.Sethu sir simply moved and actually wept on seeing the site.
    After we returned to his house,he came with afile of papers containing RRC's pallippadai,blessed me and handed it to me saying"My ambition is fulfilled by you.The credit goes to you only.One N.S(N.Sehturaman) started the journey,but stopped in the middle;any how another N.S(myself) continued and completed"

    I submitted a paper about this discovery in Rameswaram seminar conducted by Archeological Society of Tamil Nadu in July 1994.Mr.Sethuraman sir is no more.
    Now I let the matter to you and deside who identified RRC II and his queens pallippadai temples.
  • So what is the actual way of knowing ? C-14 dating ?
    How do we verify this in real sense ?

    - R
  • Friends,
    what are pallippadais, please?
  • I will defer to the learned folks on the PSVP, but my understanding is that it represents the temple that is built at the place where an individual's body is buried (not sure if it also applicable when the body is cremated).

  • Dear Sir,

    This is interesting piece of information.

    We will meet and talk more in detail - when I visit Thanjai.

    Is it along Kudanthai - thanjai main road - on the northern side - past Darasuram - prior to Thiruvalanchuzhi ?

    best regards / sps
  • thanks for the Mallai photos, Venketesh N.
    thanks for all the Pallippadai info, sps.
  • Thanks Kathie.. I am just Venkat N not Venkatesh N... You may have
    difficulty in reading my full name "Venkatajalapathi Nithiyanandhan", so
    don't try :)))

    On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 7:01 PM, Katherine Brobeck

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