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  • Hi all,
    I am pretty new here :) and have read all your mails and discussions,
    being a silent spectator. Interesting thread, *single* most important
    event or turning point..
    Oh, wish I could start my email that way! But, I am not new and I
    have not been reading mails and discussions (for quite some time now)
    due to various reasons.
    Hmmm.. *single* most important event or turning point. Krupa had this
    doubt about the definition of turning point. Krupa, I think turning
    point is something that comes all of a sudden, like an unexpected
    blow in the gut. Like the hero of a teleserial until wednesday
    becoming a villain on thursday. AK's murder, IMO was in no way a
    turning point. It was an important event, though. The story, for over
    2 volumes, discusses the plan brooding to assasinate AK. The reader
    obviously *expects* his death. If he was not assassinated, it would
    have been different. So, I dont think it qualifies for a turning
    point. Touche, Pavithra (different reason, though). Same with the
    Sittrarasar Sadhialosanai, it was the base on which the
    superstructure (the novel) was constructed. Again, important event,
    not a turning point.
    VD escaping and Pazhuvettaraiyar listening to the sadhithittam are
    good ones.
    the human characters of PS. Sridhar hinted this on his list.
    The story begins on "Aadi perukku" which comes just before the
    monsoon season begins in Tamil Nadu. The whole story occurs during
    this season and the author has deftly utilized the geographical
    conditions in the novel, giving some good twists, thus making them
    characters in the novel. Cyclone in Bay of Bengal, Flood in
    Nagapattinam were all used wisely to lead the course of the novel. If
    they were not there, the course would have been different. RRC would
    have come earlier to Thanjavur, for instance. Another example:
    Pazhuvettaraiyar overhearing the sadhi alosanai was a turning point.
    But there was another one just before it. Had there been no flood, he
    would have crossed the river and would have gone to Thanjavur, not
    knowing anything, right?
    Oops. Looks like somebody got keyboard-happy :)
    That's all folks!
    Good thread, keep going!
  • Ondraa irandaa thiruppangal...
    Ellaam sollave oru mail podhumaa?

    The first turning point in PS is the murder of Veerapandiyan which caused
    the death to AK. Otherwise AK wouldn't have been killed and we wouldn't have
    got NANDHINI. :) Nandhini illaamal PS eppadi irundhirukkum?
  • I was thinking on the same lines too. Turning points in the flash
    backs. One was what you said, What if AK has not killed
    Another one was, what if there was no ship form India to take Sundara
    Chola back to ascend the throne? He would have spent the rest of his
    life happily with Mandakini in the island!
  • thats exactly my point a single event in one persons life chnages the whole history of a nation and all of thilaks examples just proove what i wanted the group todiscuss from their veiwpoints...

  • I agree with Thilak and Sridhar - AK's murder was a turning point in the
    history of S. India at that time, but not in the novel ponniyin selvan.

    Sathi aalosanai..kinda yes, kinda no - as AK already knew there was some
    political rumbling/conspiracy against him and that's the reason he sent
    VD - VD stumbling upon it helped the story along.

    Pazhuvetarayar coming to know of the sadhithittam is a good, strong one

    Diwakar, not to pick on you but I have to disagree about the "long,
    winding story" and Kalki struggling to finish it - I felt, and I am sure
    most of the diehard ps fans would agree with me, that when I finished
    the 5th volume, I actually wanted more - felt cheated that kalki left
    the fate of Nandhini, and the murderers, kinda hanging. And kalki
    himself wrote in his afterword that that was a complaint he received
    from thousands of readers when the story was published as a thodarkadhai
    in a magazine - that he should've written more.

    Good to see an actual ps discussion after a loooooooong time. ;)


  • Dear all...

    > One was what you said, What if AK has not killed Veerapandiyan..
    > Another one was, what if there was no ship form India to take
    Sundara Chola back to ascend the throne? He would have spent the rest
    of his life happily with Mandakini in the island! :)

    :-)) Now *that* is too far back (and much too involved). But I
    seriously doubt if Sundara would have spent all his life on an
    island. He was a prince, after all. If the ship hadn't arrived, he'd
    have gone back. Somehow. The call of the kingdom, and all that.:-)

    The more I think of it, the more am I beginning to feel that Kalki
    has spun out the whole novel with a fatalistic bent. I suppose that's
    true of all historical novels - you know what really happened, so you
    have to write your story based on facts. And it all sounds
  • Even today, countries do exist, where individuals are banished (to
    far off islands with least habitation as punishment) for treason and
    so many other reasons with the hope that the individual may not
    survive the ordeal. But they do return in course of time, after
    serving a tenure and join the mainstream. Times improve, but basic
    instincts like for survival or succession do not change very much.
    Regards to all.

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