• Dear Gokul,

    When are you posting Rajakesari? SB
  • I was wondering if anybody was bothered about this :-)) Thanks for
    Next episode : Ready, but I am planning to include few photos and
    hence a delay.

    Other episodes will be delayed by atleast 2 weeks because of my
    forthcoming India trip. Sorry about that.

    Mikka anbudan
  • Gokul,

    I certainly was eagerly waiting for the next episode.

    Knowing that you will be busy (like me) I did not send a request. I am sure
    the next episode will be worth the wait.
  • Dear Gokul,

    Just now completed reading 'Rajakesari'. Beautiful work just like PS.
    I'm yet to come back to chennai from thuzaikudi, ambalavaanar,mazhapaadiyar and thevar.
    Wow. I could feel Kalki's influence to a certain extent. I really liked the way you have used the names and terms that were in vogue during RRC's days. I should also mention the fact that the descriptions given below each page helped me understand the meanings clearly.
    My only lament is that you havent described the background of the sinister plot. But then you have put a comma there by saying that it would be explained in 'Serar Kottai'. Since i dont like reading ebooks or from websites, i have to wait till 'Serar Kottai' is published :(
    Hats off G. Awaiting more from you. Am going to start 'Paisaasam' after my dinner tonight. Such has been the effect of Rajakesari.
  • Dear Mouli

    Thank you. Let me know what you think about Paisaasam also. It was a kind of genre different from Rajakesari.

    Cherar kottai - though considered to be a continuation of rajakesari - does not suffer from 'Rajakesari hangover' (I hope:-)). It goes back by three generations on either side to explain the animosity which eventually results in this sinister plot.
  • dear all,

    It happened to notice, our Gokul sirs's RAJAKESARI novel in theREFERENCE section of Singapore NLB's, Jurong Regional Libraray Branch.NLB's websiteinforms that ,a copy alsokept in The LEE KONG CHIAN REFERENCE LIBRARAY also..

    A Tamil Novel in the Reference section....shows the greatness of the work...

    Thanks to Gokul sir, for such a wonderful work...

    Thanking you

  • Congrats Gokul and sakthi sree for bringing the news

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