Weekly Book review - veerathin vizhuthugal - Malik Kapoor defeated or not?
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    Jayanthi Rajan (a) Ellar (a) Jayanthi raj based from Coimbatore written 25+ historical novels. I have collected only 13 till date. The Book VEERATHIN VIZHUTHUGAL is based on Kilgi's entry to India and specially how Kapoor become Malik Kapoor and appointed as a Army Chief of Kilgi. The story take off at the end of Gupth kingdom and soon going in high speed with south India entry of Kapoor. Many of us know that what is the result of Kapoor's Army visit to south. Many temples and pilgrims are damaged and lot of wealth including srirangam statue is taken back to Delhi.

    The story ends with war by Sundara Pandiya helped by Vikrama Pandiya. Kapoor decided to go back in between the war. Is it true?? But the writer has given the justification that the people come along with Kapoor wants to go back to Delhi because they participated in this visit very long time and spend their rest of the life with their family.

    Now we can start our discussion on Whether Kapoor is defeated by Pandiya kings or not?

    Book Details: Published by Somu Puthaka nilayam in 1985. Price 12 and the pages are 128 ( very very small fonts).

    Meet you with another book review in next week.
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    That is a nice piece of information.

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  • Dear members

    Now I request all of you to give your views on whether Kapoor is defeated by sundara Pandiya or not?

    Also why Kapoor is back to Delhi? Is there any proof of concept avaialble for the above two points?

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