is Kalki the best you've read?
  • Hello;
    Just want an HONEST answer from all.

    *Is our beloved Kalki the best author whose work you've read so far?*

    If your answer is "Yes" please elaborate and if "no" definitely elaborate.
  • No direct answer. But Kalki is the only author who is ever fresh and
    makes you read his works (novels and short stories) again and again.
    More like prayer books.Sampath
  • In tamil

    KALKI Definitely

    I am yet to read an author who caters to the tastes of all ages,
    gets his story in a easy telling style

    And creates a sense of pride in reading his work


    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

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  • Hello;

    The question is a general one. Kindly mention if Kalki is the best author,
    you've read, in all languages.
  • Actually No
    Kalki definitely was the best until Harry potter showed up :-)

    - R
  • Yes, he is my favorite. The first Tamil Novel I read is Kalki's Parthiban
    Kanavu. I was pretty young and could not really understand which part of the
    story was fact and which is fiction. When I read PS, it brought the interest
    of history in me. After getting in to this group, when ever I go to any
    temple, I am really seeing it with new eyes.
  • Rahul,

    If you are asking if he is he best author in Tamil, I would say NO.

    As Sivaram rightly pointed out his works include both fiction & history and
    it makes him the best in Tamil. However, if you take entire world, I would
    list the following who are better than Kalki (based on my reading)

    * Valmiki (for Ramayan)
    * J.K.rowling (Harry potter)
    * Dan Brown (Angles & Demons, Digital fortress, Deception point & Da vinci
    * Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, Airframe, Disclosure - Jurassic Park book
    is excellent one and gives completely different feel than watching the
  • Hi
     I would say Kalki is the best for History based fiction. I am not for his social novels either Alaiosai or Amaradara.
    I think one cannot choose a single Author as 'The Best' 'cos their works have to be divided into various catagories which are not comparable.
    Kalki's history based works are the best in the 'unputdownable ' catogry.
  • Kalki is definitely best for Tamil historic fiction. He is also more of a sakala-kala vallavar :), I think, bringing in aspects of facts and history, religion/philosophy, literature, humor, adventure and romance (and even food :). IMHO, not many other historic writers have done this.

    However, for sheer historic fiction and for bringing in as much fact as possible, I like the following
    1. Colleen McCullough - Roman history
    2. Robert Harris - Roman history (especially Pompeii, Imperium)
    3. Steven Saylor - Roman history (with some mystery built in)
    4. Isabel Allende - South American/California settlement
    5. Marek Halter/Orson Scott Card - books based on Bible characters
    6. Gore Vidal - Empire series on US, Creation - Greek/Egyptian

    I also read an excellent book called Apostle Paul which is a fictional account of how St. Paul single-handedly took the message of Jesus to the Western world, which made Christianity what it is today. If not for him, Christianity may still be a minor religion localized in Nazareth.

    Can all recommend specific historic fiction books? I am very eager for some new recommendations.
  • Recently I happened to read Robert Alexander"s(had never heard of him
    before)'Rasputins daughter' and'The Romanov bride'.Both books arebased on
    the last days of the Russian monarchy and make superb reading.Regards
  • Thanks to Gokul. another repost ::

    I'd like to introduce an interesting book to all of you.
    "Kalkiyin Varalatru Naavalgal" by Dr.Poovannan.

    This is the doctoral thesis of Dr.Poovannan who was a professor in Vaishnav
    college, chennai. It's been published by Vanathi.
    The book gives very very detailed and interesting insights into the mind of
    Kalki and how PS and other novels were developed in his mind. He also places
    historic facts against fiction created by kalki and debades in detail.
    For example, he says there is no historic base for assuming Vandhiyathevan as
    someone belonging to Vaanar kulam. He gives many arguments for and against this
    and concludes that this is purely Kalki's conception of Vallavarayan
    The book also presents interesting details about Aditya's murder and how
    Kalki has presented this in PS.
    To me, it is a must buy for all PS fans.

  • Dear SPS Sir,

    This is Vimala, a silent member of this group. But watching all the discussions. Can u pl tell where we can get this "Kalkiyin Varalatru Naavalgal" by Dr.Poovannan. Will it be available in Salem? And I also want to know that where to buy "KM" by Venkatesh in Salem?
  • Dear Members,

    The first one appears to be out of Print.

    The second one - KM - should be normally avl in any leading book stall. If not I can request our dear Venkatesh to courier to you / direct you suitably.

    regards/ sps


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