India Today Jan 4th
  • Hi;
    Got this from one of my friends

    India Today Jan 4th: "Nearly 50pc of artwork found in foreign auction houses
    is believed to be stolen. But India rarely stakes a claim to its own
    antiques because of a limited knowledge about our own heritage". Back from
    Hampi-Pattadakal-Badami-Aihole in Karnataka. Awesome (really!) temple
    carvings. The Vijayanagar kingdom in the 1550s was larger than many Mughal
    empires & yet is relatively unknown:)!
  • Hi

    Is it possible to check whether there are any metal objects underneath. Can we search the temple complexes and nearby area for idols underneath.

    Lot of idols come out by chance discovery.
  • there are pillars in the compound of vgp park mahapalipuram road i was heard it was stolen and delivered to them from tanjore area


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