Continuation of Nandhipurathu Nayagi.....
  • Hi frnz 
    Sindu here. I hav jus joined this grp...... :) Im felt very glad to see such a group exists.....  and I felt very proud also.....
    I read PonniyanSelvan a long time back..... aftr which i was searching for itz continuation....... Then I came to know about akilan's Nandhipurathu nayagi last month...... Now I completed that also..........Now I'm searching for the continuation of Nandhipurathu nayagi...........
    Can anybody help me on this..........????
  • dear sindhuja
    nandhipurathu nayagi is written by vikraman and not akilan.
  • Hi

    you can read Anusha Venkat's Kaviriyin Maindhan which is also related with the ponniyin selvan.

    k. sundar
  • yes ......

    that was a typo........ :(
  • hi,

    Are Kaviriyin Maindhan and nandhipurathu nayagi good?are they fitting sequels to PS?
  • Hi

    After PS, the story was continued by two good writters. One is Nandhipurathu Nayagi by Sri. Vikraman and another is Kaveriyin maindhan by sri. Anusha venkatesh.

    In fact after Nandhipurathu Nayagi, Sri. vikraman continued another novel " PERIYA PIRATTI " which is not published as a book form. He is writing this in a monthly magazine.

    Also Sri Anusha venkat is continuing Sivakamiyin sabatham in his new novel Kanji we are all waiting for the same with 1000$ to read it. AV sir.. Please do the needful.
  • hai sindu, about to your search
    for the continution of nanthipuraththu naayaki. you can read kaaviri mainthan same time being in nanthipuraththunaayaki. the contiues on UDAYAR
  • Hi all,
    Thankyou very much for the immediate response.

    Im very much impressedabout Kaviri Maindan and waiting eagerly to read it.

    Actually Im staying in Bangalore. So, will the book (KaviriMaindan)be available here?
    Please share your ideas on this......

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